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Hydraulic Press

james gonzalez

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So I have a good airhammer and am happy with that.
I am looking into a more controlled approach for certain processes and it looks like a hydraulic would fill the need. It seems to me it would not be such an ordeal to put one together.

I figure the reasons screw presses are popular are

1. no need for electricity, simple
2. Quiet
3. Good "feel"
4. Fast action

Of the above, speed is the only real rub. I know a 2 speed press can be made, just not sure on the details.

So what do you know?


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Keep your eyes open; I got my whopping big flypress much cheaper than you could build anything (bid, tax, buyer's reaming and loading charge total < $100).

I don't see the flypress and the hydraulic press as being in competition they both have use cases where they are top dog and they both have use cases where they sort of work; but...

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Hyd presses look neat. You can find a couple cool videos on youtube.

I however keep flashing back to several parts of my life... In no particular order

My time working in a plastics factory as a maintenance man. Those molding machines were over grown Hyd presses. Lots of noise and prone to leaking. Without fail I could be checking on a leaky line and that line would blow and I'd get my weekly hyd oil bath.

Growing up on a farm and Dad worked contruction. Hydraulics were everywhere, disk, hay mower, skid steer, dozer, excavator and a few tools dad made i.e. log splitter. Some line always seemed to be leaking and give you the occasional Hyd oil bath.

Serving in the United States Navy, my job was in the avaition field. Again hydraulics are everywhere. Nothing like riding along in a helo looking out and seeing nothing but blue water and the whole time some hyd line is leaking and its running down the bulkhead. And another line is dripping right on you. Nothing like a nice hyd oil soak..

I dont know why but I really despise cleaning up hyd oil....:rolleyes:

My flypress is everything that you said. The "quiet" is impressive to say the least. Last summer the Mrs took a nap in the sun 10 feet away from where I was working 3/4 stock with the fly press. When she woke up her jaw dropped wide when she saw what I had gotten done.

I'm sure that one could scrounge and find parts to build a hyd press for less than what I have in my flypress. Dont forget to add in your time to build it and "small stuff" like the Hyd oil.

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I have never seen a fly press for sale around here, if I could get one for $100 I would. I had the hydraulic press/logsplitter on site. I have had if for years and never had any leaks, I just did put new hoses on it. Each tool is great for its purpose if you got it use it. As far as spending a lot of money on it, well thats another story.

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With a hydraulic press low speed can be overcome with an accumulator and too much speed can be over come with a flow regulator. If you would like a hydraulic press to act "similar" to a fly press: have an accumulator at the top of the cylinder and have the pump compress the accumulator by pumping fluid into the botom of the cylinder. For manuel control use a manual flow control on the exhaust side of the control valve. For better, but expensive, control use a electronic proportional valve on the exhaust side.


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