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120 pound Fisher anvil score

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Found and purchased a 120 pound Fisher anvil today using the TPAAAT (Thomas Powers Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique) method of anvil location. Here's the story :D :

Go to local farm auction that has advertised "100 pound anvil" in listing. Find anvil, a Vulcan, with one side of heel from pritchel hole back missing. Less than average condition, chips along all remaining edges of face, varying from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch in size. Remaining face is level and smooth, with exception of 1/4 inch ball of weld spatter stuck dead center. Decide I will bid on it, as it has some potential.

Fast forward to anvil coming up on the block. Start bidding at $50, two other fellows and myself duke it out up to around $100, in $2.50 and then five-dollar increments. I decide I really don't want anvil, fellow on other side seems like he really does and has been real serious from the start. I stay in until $160 then other fellow goes $165. I quit, smile at auctioneer and walk away. I'm glad I did, now.

A little while after anvil sells, another auction patron walks up and asks if I am looking seriously for an anvil. I perk up. Turns out this fellow is there to buy items to resale for his business, a rural gift/junk/bargain shop. He then proceeds to tell me he has a 120 pound Fisher anvil, in good shape, he'll sell me for WAY cheaper than the Vulcan went for. I get his name, phone number and location after a brief chat about his business and blacksmith tools.

Fast forward a couple hours. I give him time to get back home, as I left auction early. Ring him up, get the directions, and 40 minutes later I'm at his shop, looking at a very nice Fisher anvil. Face is superb, by my standards anyway. Only problem I see is that the heel is missing from pritchel back.

Jeesh, is this heel-less anvil day, or what.

I bought it anyway at considerably less than the sawtooth edged Vulcan.:D Couldn't pass it up!

Turns out the fellow overheard me tell my wife via my cellphone that I didn't win the anvil and backed off the bidding and let the other gentleman buy it. I was talking rather loud to overcome the auctioneers banter in the background. I'm glad this fellow had good hearing!

P.S. He now has my name and number, as he buys estates constantly for his business. I figure I'll be hearing back from him in the future. Very nice fellow to deal with.

P.P.S. If the fellow that was bidding against me is a member here, sorry for bidding you up! Nothing Personal.

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Way to go Keykeeper! It is very strange how this karma stuff works. There have been a number of times in my search for bsmith items where I have passed or missed out on something only to have something better pop up.

Congrats and let's see some photos!

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Nothing wrong with that anvil, even with the heel missing. It looks in fairly good nick and will serve you for many years. Wonder how they broke off the heel, probably by forcing something oversize into the pritchal hole and leaving it there on a cold night then being shocked that something so solid as that anvil could break. Any other theories??

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Nice score! Great contact! You had yourself a fine day, please have many more.

Fisher's are excellent anvils with one terrific advantage. No ring, they're very quiet so you might get to hear what your grandkid's voice sounds like. not so good for demos of course, there you want a nice ring to draw an audience.


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This is my 2nd Fisher, and third anvil to date. Now I have a 70lb. Vanadium, 120lb. Fisher, and 162lb. Fisher. It's a sickness, ya know.:D

Thanks Frosty. I'm hoping the fellow calls me the next time he finds something like this, or hopefully, even better stuff.

rmcpb: I theorize something was wedged in the pritchel hole, also.

Something interesting about this anvil that I've not seen yet on another-this one has four little "feet" on the base. Small little half round projections, one on each foot of the base. They measure about 5/8 inch diameter and 1/4 inch or so tall. Anyone ever seen these on other Fisher anvils? My larger Fisher does not have them.

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I frequently attend farm auctions to purchase items that I want or need.I have discovered that many of these auctions are attended by people who are getting into their golden years and want to see what items bring in anticipation of a future sale of their own.Watch the crowd and the next time you see someone fitting the description engage them in a conversation and it might surprise you about the items he is willing to part with.

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How can I put this....YES!

Fisher's may not ring like some of the other's, but they will work right along with them. Being quiet, they are perfect for in-town forging, when noise is an issue. If that Fisher is in good shape, jump on it. Check the rebound, if you are not sure. Bet it will have great rebound. You can always resell it if you don't like it, probably for more than what you invest. Good luck.

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