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    Woodworking mainly turning.Took up blacksmithing about 9mths ago have smith almost done should finish in the spring.

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  1. I'm very sorry I don't have a huge shop mine is only 8' x 12' rollup doors and 20' ceilings I don't have. It seams that you only can help pro's and the little guy gets answers that they have no way of using. I was told this is wear to go for good info but I can't see any help. I have read like I was told after my first question and found very little to answer my questions now I ask and get told of a bigger shop and all the air I can. I really thought that this forum was here to help the new guys get started I guess I'm wrong again thanks for the help. Stop making accusations and read what
  2. My smithy is only 8' x 12'. Have 3 burner gas and a 18" rivet forge the rivet forge well have a 12" chimney. The smithy is made from 2 x 4s and T-111 outside,inside is cement board ceiling with corrugated steel on walls. Floor is gravel,the smithy is off the ground about 3" all the way around except at the doors and 10 cement pillars. The smithy is also completely insulated with R-13. How would I go about ventilating and how much air will I need.
  3. I'm a noob I have an 18" rivet forge with Champion Blower. What do I fill and shape the forge with. Been told to use the puddy stuff and also told to use soft brick. I don't know what to do. I'm getting ready to use this in the spring have smithy almost done. Still need to put up the inside sheeting and an exhaust for the forge. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Rthibeau, I was under a different impression and I'm REALLY glad I ask here. I talked to a guy while I was at the Airgas store getting tanks filled. He started talking about his gas forge in his basement. I figured I've been reading allot here so maybe I'd asks here cause I haven't see anything about this. Again Thanks allot
  5. Looking to buy Devil forge with 80,000 BTU burner. Mainly for in my basement shop for winter doing small things just keeping busy and make some tooling for my coal/coke forge . Now my question, is this forge worth the money ? I DON'T won't to build a forge. This is on eBay for $130.00 Would appreciate any thoughts you folks could give me.
  6. Nicely done and nice tongs. I'm a newbie and have to make some tongs but mine well be usable and that's it. Smithy still needs set up but can't do anything with it till spring now, Ohio in winter.
  7. That's it Frosty, I know some guy's that love it on their turning tools. Not recommending either for hammers just saying it works on turning tools might try it for hammers.
  8. The wood turing store Packard Tools carry a nice friction wrap in different colors. The price is reasonable and it works great on my wood turing tools. I believe it's rubber or maybe latex. Doc's use it to hold bandager's .
  9. Thank you for the answer. I bought the vise for $65, the rest of it is in very good shape compaired to the others I've seen. It's a 4 1/2" don't have any markings anywhere I can find. Sure am glad I found you guys, you'll be hearing more from me.
  10. I'm just new here and to blacksmithing. I bought a leg vise and took it apart to clean, the threads inside the box are only about 5 threads then just space. I'm thinking it's made that way for the movement I've read about. Thanks in advance for help.
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