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  1. location updated! thanks for all the information, i wont be able to attend anything until about mid november though, as i'm very busy at work til then, but i will look into it more then! thank you!
  2. wow, thanks for all the help guys lol i'll try my hand at it soon and post my results!
  3. thank you! I'm kind of overwhelmed as to where to begin really.. is there a book you could recommend for the basics and where to start? I guess i should build a forge as the first thing?
  4. Hello, I just found this forum and I am curious. I have wanted to take up blacksmithing for a long time but I havent had the time till now. I live in northeastern arkansas and I can't for the life of me find any classes available in my area! I want to learn very badly, is there any way i can learn on my own without help? There aren't many options for me. thank you for your time.