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  1. pnut That same heatwave is killing me as well. we might get below 100 today, but not by much. It looks so inviting to go forge from inside, but then you open the door...
  2. Nice find there! I have been coveting band saws lately. It's on my "Save cash for one later" list up near the top, right after a better anvil.
  3. I now live in mortal fear of my table saw and angle grinder. kinda makes me glad I don't have more power tools. OK, yeah, it's a serious respect thing for me. one second of inattention is all it takes to have a really bad day. If you behave like your power tools can and will try to kill you you will hopefully never have that one second. We had a lady where I worked ages ago get her hand caught in the die of 20 ton steel press when she knelt down to pick something up, and didn't take her foot off the pedal. there wasn't enough of her hand to reattach. So just remember kids, your tools are actively trying to murder you, take necessary precautions.
  4. Super Excited now. I FINALLY got to light the redesigned forge and it mad an enormous difference. Lots more heat, easier to get to the sweet spot, and a bigger fireball means I can heat bigger and odder shapes. New tongs worked really well. It held the steel well and kept it from turning or rolling. It took a bit to get them adjusted right. Then I used them to take half of a 12 inch nail and I turned out an ugly, but much thinner leaf than I ever have before, and in less time and fewer heats. I think I have about 90 more leaves to go to meet my goal of 100 leaves.
  5. Thanks Dax. I tend to be the same way. Once I get them straightened out a bit they should work pretty well. I have high hopes for the forge redesign as well. The dang weather is being contrary and I may not get to try it for another week though. It's making me crazy
  6. Well, after a few months out of the forging world thanks to a pinched nerve in my neck (and work and extreme heat and rain) I have finally been able to do a few things around the forge. I redesigned the forge to be a bottom blast rather than a side blast. I used the top of a 55 gallon drum and a section of handrail from an old dead treadmill. I cut some channels into the handrail and peeled them out so I could have some tabs to bolt to the oil drum lid. Once attached, I drilled some holes through to allow the air. Folded the lid to fit inside the grill body. made the fire pit with bricks and filled the remaining gaps with sand. Was Losing the light so I haven't lit it yet to test it, but I have high hopes. I also drilled out the holes I drifted in my tongs project and dropped a bolt through they need tuning and aligning. they are also UGLY, but they ought to hold things nicely.
  7. Well, after a brief visit to Albuquerque and then the Sangre de Cristo mountains for a family reunion and memorial for my parents, aunt, and uncle, I had some pictures follow me home. I hope they aren't too big
  8. Very Nice DHarris. I'd love to have one but I hate pulling a trailer.
  9. I had an opportunity when I was 15 to buy a '70 Nova with a 350 for $500. I passed, but now I really wished I hadn't. We also had a neighbor with a 67 Chevelle SS he was selling for $1500. Missed that one too, dang it
  10. I used to have an album by Dweezil a while back. He turned out to be pretty darn good on he guitar. Fun Tidbit, He was in the Arnold S classic "The Running Man" as one of the Resistance guys. Hes the one with the Beret and Unibrow always standing behind Mick Fleetwood
  11. Very Nice Satori. A couple of tools that should last a couple of lifetimes gotta say I'm jealous.
  12. It has not been a fantastic week here. Rain on the days when I would have had time to forge, No time on the days it would have been perfect. Then pinched a nerve in my neck and my left arm is next to useless. I don't know what I did but it hurts like the dickens. I did finish my walking stick. I "carved" the head into the likeness of a Zuni Bear. It's made out of a chunk of cedar from the front yard and the stick is a branch from the maple tree in the front yard. The shape was simple so I did a rough cutout with a Jigsaw, then refined it with a chisel and a file. Finally took it to the belt sander (Hand held model fixed in a vice). Then I coated the whole thing in BLO. I'm pretty pleased. It feels good in the hand and I like the way the cedar wood grain came out. Now to figure out what iron accents to create for it.
  13. Looks like you got lucky with the Aussie Mix. I have an Aussie/Lab mix that frankly, isn't very bright. He's sweet, but not smart. He once ate an empty can of cat food. Just the can. We had to force feed him a bunch of pumpkin to get him to pass it without hurting himself. To quote Foghorn Leghorn "Nice boy, but he's as sharp as a sack of wet mice"
  14. SinDoc, kids learn a lot with Positive reinforcement. The will grow up knowing Watts important
  15. cool shop build. I find it odd that you have to really look to find LECA blocks here. Went out and was building the deck yesterday. Still got a ways to go.
  16. Yikes. There does come a point where it would be cheaper and easier to just knock the building down and start over. We took our problem place because we could pay cash and just use the house payment as funds for renovation.
  17. Tell me about it. We moved in to a 100 year old house. We got most of the major stuff, but keep finding surprises. I know I can't keep it all but I do try to keep as much as I can of the original.
  18. So sorry to hear that Frosty. It sucks to lose one before it's time.
  19. SinDoc, a staycation for me would be spending time at the forge
  20. Kind of a long weekend. Sank more posts for the deck going up in the back of the house. Digging out the holes and then mixing the cement has me really sore. Also, Finally got the front window opened without breaking anything. It's a heavy son of a gun. The weights and pulleys are long gone. Now I need to build a screen for it. Planted some roses in the front and re-potted some Aloe Vera plants that the neighbor gave us. They were horribly root bound. All in all, no time for the forge. On that Oxy Propane setup, That's awesome! A while back I worked as a Brazer on an assembly line building Air Conditioners. We used Oxy-Propane. We had Y tips on our torches to heat both sides of the piece at once while brazing copper tubing. I saw that monster nozzle and all I could think of is how fast that could burn through thin walled copper.
  21. got a couple of hours at the forge yesterday. The ugly tongs now match and have holes in the bosses. I don't have a punch large enough for the bolt I'm going to use but I guess I could just drill them out if need be. Next time I'll be trying to draw out the reins, or at least shape them into something comfy.
  22. Thanks for the info folks. All that said it might jump out of my price range, but maybe not. It's hard to see in the pics, but it looked like a clean, well appointed shop. A lot of the focus might end up on other items there, but since I'm not an auction guy I have no idea. I guess it's a case of "treat it like a trip to the casino". I would like to see if I could score a good hammer or two and maybe some tongs.
  23. speaking of Hay Budden, there is going to be an estate auction about half an hour from here that includes a bunch of stuff from a blacksmith shop. Listed Items include a 108 lb Hay Budden Anvil, 200 hammers, a forge, and other tools. What would be a fair price for that anvil, assuming it's not damaged? I'm thinking I might go and I want to make sure I have the cash without over spending. I just looked on the auction website, the pictures of the anvil aren't great, but you can see the 108 on the stamped side of the anvil. that would be in hundredweight, wouldn't it? The other pics don't show any obvious flaws with the anvil. The edges look clean. I want to go for more than just the anvil now that I have seen the pics.
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