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  1. Ah, the ol' Kingsfoot. I had a bout of it and then it seemed to go away. Now I have diabetes to worry about. Either way, I'm drinking way less soda (none except for the occasional one with a sit down meal at a restaurant). Gout always seemed to me to be one of those ancient diseases like the Grippe, the Auge, or any of a dozen ailments from a time when hand washing was mocked and surgical precision meant "within an inch or two and then they poured hot tar on where your leg used to be"
  2. SinDoc, glad you got rid of it and should be feeling better. I actually got out to the forge on a beautiful day yesterday. I managed to do two leaves along with random metal Deformation. I'm testing a new layout of Forge and anvil. I'd like to say it was planned, but truth be told I had to move the forge for a delivery of dirt and fill for the back yard next week. The empty grill shell JABOD made moving the forge easy. We also got some Whirley Bird attic vents installed on the house that made a huge difference in the amount of heat building up on the second floor. Also found out
  3. That sounds like an excellent Idea. Did not know about the spontaneous combustion peril.
  4. Part of why the topic came up is I am thinking of doing a couple of things, one is to trim back some branches on the huge silver maple out front of the house. When I do that, I will likely have several sticks that I can use to make walking sticks or canes. On the walking sticks I think I may use a couple to tie staff slings to. I think it would be nice to put an old school finish on them. I have some BLO on hand. My wife has some for use with oil painting. I think I may just buy some tung oil too, to compare the finished surfaces. I also have some polyurethane, but I dunno if I wan
  5. So the more I read here the more I see some really old school techniques for all kinds of stuff, I want to learn more but I also want to share what little I know from working in a paint shop many years ago. So if you want to preserve a chunk of wood, understand what it will be used for. If it's a fence, you have things like Thompson's water seal, which works fine if you re-apply regularly and it's fairly cheap. Exterior woodstains also do a good job, imparting color, but most of those can't be walked on. Polyurethane's vary, but most do better inside, and most require a very thor
  6. It makes me wonder, I see house jack type screws every time I go in to work, only they are used as safety stands for aircraft when working on landing gear or when the crew is doing something that may unbalance the aircraft front to back. Could someone find a useful screw from a defunct aircraft service company? They are usually part of a 6 foot tall jack stand
  7. I have a pile of mower blades and have been wondering what to do with them. I'm thinking I may use them to make some simple Kiridashi knives. Flatten the mower blade, some gentle shaping and then sharpen. May also attempt a draw knife.
  8. One of my Twin boys's middle name is Samuel, After Sam Vimes. My Wife's favorite minivan was nicknamed Sybil after Vimes' wife (yes, we name our cars). Even my avatar is Sgt. Detritus with his trusty Piecemaker The Going Postal Movie is OK. I liked it well enough even though it altered the story in some ways I was not too fond of. Sir Terry even had a small cameo in it. I think my current favorite book is Making Money, but it wobbles around depending on my mood. If anyone reading this has a pre-teen or early teen daughter, I HIGHLY recommend Terry Pratchetts' Tiffany Achin
  9. lovely ladies and you could be sure their heart, or hearts, were always in the right place. The concept of an Igor with an adjustable lisp had me giggling for days. Yeth Marthter.
  10. She might also want to check out "Discworld Igor" as well Sir Terry Pratchett wrote about them. The Clan Motto was "What goes around, comes around". They were skilled surgeons who were always ready to lend a hand, or someone's hand anyway
  11. "This is the warranty management division. We have important information about your husbands extended warranty. If you would like to speak to a representative, press one now...." Should you be concerned about all the spam calls she may be getting?
  12. Not in the shop yesterday, but cleaning up some branches under our huge silver maple in the front yard. Been lazy and it included some deadfall from last fall. I found a relatively straight branch that felt pretty sturdy so I thought I'd make a walking cane with it. I peeled back the bark and found some interesting patterns created by some wood munching critter. Sanded it smooth then took a blowtorch kind of lighter to it to give a lightly scorched appearance to it. I might use boiled linseed oil on it for a finish, or I may brush on some polyurethane. Thinking a bear shaped cane top sim
  13. I'm imagining the smell...Wish it was still before lunchtime, dernit. We try not to order anything temp sensitive to go through USPS. Will pay a little extra for FedEx if we absolutely have to. Not a surefire solution, but is usually better.
  14. I'll be number seven. It failed to rain yesterday and the wind died down for the day so I got out there and made another leaf. It didn't come out as well as I would have liked, but hey, it's all practice. I also figured out what I did wrong with my tongs and got one side adjusted before I lost the light.
  15. OSPHO might be another option. Phosphoric Acid solution that turns Iron Oxide (rust) into Iron Phosphate, which can act as a protective coating. You do need to get it all the way down so surface rust though. I know the stuff works and is cheap on lawn furniture and a bunch of other applications, and a gallon of the stuff is cheap and goes a long way. anyone else know how it would hold up in this application?
  16. OK, got it. do not attempt to enclose tank. May cause large boom and that is bad. It really is good to have that point brought up now and again. It helps prevent dabblers and fools like myself from doing something dumb, and in this case potentially lethal. Is there a way to pin parts of this thread into it's own pinned thread? Maybe right along side of "DO NOT USE PLASTER OF PARIS". "DO NOT ENCLOSE PROPANE TANKS" We all know that common sense is not too common. I like to think I'm pretty level headed, but this is a case that brought me up short.
  17. thanks Goods. This is why I ask questions. It saves ones eyebrows among other things. I hadn't though of the potential for fumes, though I should have. I have a couple of drums and I haven't decided what to do with them. I am thinking of using them in a way that would shield the tank from the heat of the forge. Maybe by cutting it in half vertically and just setting it between the tank and the forge. I dunno.
  18. so If I go with something like a 6 foot hose and house the propane bottle say, underneath a 55 gal drum with the forge being on top? Or would it be better for it to be out in the open, so to speak? On a stand next to the forge or underneath? I have a weird Idea now of getting a long hose, running it through a PVC conduit with a couple of right angles and digging a trench and burying it. That way no trip hazard and tank farther away from forge. I'm probably making this more complicated than it needs to be.
  19. Well, after talking to my son and looking at component costs and so on, It looks like I will not be messing around with the helium tank and instead go for a 6 brick pile gas forge with a Frosty T burner. that will get me a propane forge for the lowest cost. The Boy has decided to leave all of his forging gear here as his landlord doesn't care for the idea of blacksmithing on his property. Since he has some soft firebricks I can use those for the body. I have some scraps I can use for a framework and work shelf. So I can get that far without expenditure. I have seen high pressure regulato
  20. My kind of dream house. I bet that was a beautiful sight. I wish my roof was something I could tend to with some fertilizer and occasionally dealing with weeds.
  21. If you have the means to move that much earth in supersacks that would be a really neat for mof construction. I have watched a bunch of cool youtube videos on earthbag construction, and more recently earthships which use old tires. There is more to it than just that with the earthships of course. I even saw one really cool video of an arkansas (I think) Family welding some containers together and then burying them for a house. Most of the Earthbag stuff I have seen uses cob to cover the bags and protect them from light, but I can't imagine that stucco would be difficult. For a roo
  22. BIGGUN....I have always loved the idea of underground houses. That and basement man caves. I love the Underground house in Vegas that is basically a normal house built in a cave 26 feet underground. With the walls of the cave painted to look like the outdoors. Odd place, but very cool concept. Perfect for the desert heat.
  23. I don't know about the brand, but I know I feared the styptic almost as much as a solid right
  24. I remember the styptic pencils we used while sparring and got cut. those hurt worse than the shot to the face for the most part.
  25. Billy Bones, I am using the silicone stuff as well. It looks like caulk, it acts like caulk, but the label says window glaze. It's setting up nicely. I went out and hand sanded what I needed to. I was going to paint but noticed there was a cold snap due for the next couple of days, so that scotched that idea.
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