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  1. Was asked by a fellow in Idaho to replicate a knife his grandad made back in the 70's. He sent me a pick with a ruler next to it so I could measure and duplicate. Took a little time but the finished blank is below the pic. The pic is oversized as the original knife is only 7 inches long. 1084 at .140 is what I am using instead of Damascus.
  2. I was able to grab this one last night ( thanks Josh for answering my questions). 150 pounder that looks like it was barely used, but it does have two torch marks on the one edge. A lifetime body shop man owned this since new and his daughter is selling all his tools. He has dementia and the $$$ is going for his care. When I talked to her she didn't know what kind it was, but the pic she sent I was pretty sure what it was. I paid a fair price and it came with an all welded 130 pound stand. I brought it home and took it off the stand for transporting and set it next to my 103 pound 1
  3. I have had good luck, albeit it took almost a year for the first one and another 3 months for the second, on link removed. I just kept trying and eventually was lucky enough to be the first one to say "mine". The last one was a gold mind of tools from a lifetime of automotive body work.
  4. Trying to go look at this one tonight or tomorrow... Looks to be a Fisher, but not 100% sure. The seller says it is a 175 pounder.
  5. This is the first knife, albeit stock removal, to be finished since I fired up the new forge last week. 1084, 9" inch blade, .180 thick. Green canvas Micarta handle. I used the forge for the heat treat and I am really happy with it. No hot spots and there was zero warps out of the quench. A customer in Michigan ordered this for a feral pig hunt coming up at the end of September. Leather work by me as well.
  6. I might be way off on this but it looks like you used a 1.25x.75 Tee. Shouldn't it be a 1x.75?
  7. So two years ago I took the plunge and built a brick pile forge with a simple propane torch for a burner. I started making cleavers and hunting knives out of reclaimed sawmill blades of 8670 steel. While the brick pile worked for what I needed it for it was not big enough. Controlling hot spots was tough, especially with cleavers. I then started gathering more tools, an anvil, etc.. and wanted to dive into more traditional blacksmithing and forging knives. Read a ton off here and joined a month or two ago. Decided to go with a 12x5x5 internal dimension forge, so I can fit cleavers i
  8. I don't know the specific answer to your questions, but I can tell you I just finished an interior dimension forge of 12x5x5 with two one inch layers of wool, 2 layers of Satanite, and one layer of Matrikote and just this morning heat treated some 1084 (.120 and .180) knives. At 3 PSI I was getting to non magnetic state in 90 seconds on the .120 and three minutes on the .180. Plenty hot and efficient for what I am using it for currently and I am pretty sure when I am ready to try and forge weld, it won't be a problem. I have (2) 1/2 inch T burners.
  9. I currently am almost done building my first forge. Interior dimensions after blanket/satanite/matrikote will be roughly 4.5 tall x 5 inches wide x 12 inches long. Frosty gave me some advice that I took and installed (2) 1/2" T burners instead of one 3/4" (thanks again Frosty!). I have not let the forge heat up fully yet as I just fired it briefly to set the wool after rigidizing. Today I buttered on the satanite and now she is quietly sleeping in the shop for a day or two. But from what I saw and felt, at only 7 psi and only kaowool, it was pretty damn hot after only running two min
  10. Thanks Frosty. I have been so busy with my day job and finishing 4 knives for orders I haven't had an opportunity to even start to assemble the forge. I have everything I need except some Kastolite 30 and a kiln wash, but I plan on contacting Glenn for some of both. Since I had everything to make the 3/4" Burner I did and lit it ( yeah outside the forge).. Holy xxxx that was amazing. I had my two oldest daughters in the shop, one holding the extinguisher in case dad blew himself up, and they were grinning ear to ear. I am gathering everything for two 1/2" burners and will go that r
  11. Thanks Frosty! Yeah I figured small is better. I do not have a welder yet so I am going to be using the drill press and bolting together (4) 12"x9" pieces of 11 gauge steel using 1" square steel tubing for corner supports. Then two 1" layers of 8# Kaowool and Santanite finish to form a ovalish shape and unless my calcs are off it should be between 235-275. 12x5 is roughly the size. I figured I would not be going over the 350 mark so one 3/4 " T burner would be good. No plans at forge welding in the near future, just hammering out railroad spikes learning. Maybe I am thinking it wrong,
  12. Thank you Thomas! We actually lived in Rio Rancho back in 2014-1015. Gorgeous weather and scenery.. We loved the mountains and I grew pretty fond of Green Chile. To this day I still ask for Enchiladas Christmas and everyone back here looks at me funny!
  13. Hey everyone. Pat here... Dad to four amazing daughters ( all under the age of 13) and besides being a full time Automotive Executive for the past 19 years ( 28 years total in auto), and owner of two clothing boutiques with my wife, I decided two years ago to start making knives but not because of forged in fire. My grandpa was a machinist for 50 years and taught all of us grandkids how to build stuff, use a micrometer, etc... He made his own filet knives and tools naturally and I have always been good with my hands ( make rifle stocks too). I decided to give knife making a try when lookin
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