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  1. I agree with Rust Bluing. I use it a lot on gun parts. It's so easy to do it's ridiculous. Just time consuming and requires a little extra care keeping body oils off the metal. I love the look myself. A beautiful black. I think it would look great on that hawk. Chris
  2. WOW, that ought to do the job. She should love to use that one. Chris
  3. The first picture Latticino posted is for wood and would work with Micarta. The second picture is what I use on the backs of a target front sight to cut down on reflections. It would work fine for "coining" work, but as BIGGUNDOCTOR indicated, it would really "shine" for things like the bolt release knob on a Mauser. But I don't see why it couldn't be pressed into duty to work on that knife handle. Chris
  4. No need to thicken good epoxy, Frosty. (think Acraglas) Yes, absolutely, you can and should stabilize bone and antler. The best bleach for bone is Hydrogen Peroxide. TSP will break down the structure of bone. Chris
  5. Well shame on you then, terrible, horrible person. How dare you imply I don't know what I'm doing. (heck, I never know what I'm doing!!!) Well, Jennifer, it looks as is someone couldn't keep their "fingers out of the pie", so to speak. (I see footprints in the painted foor!) Chris
  6. One of the "problems" I have with internet forums is what just happened. My feeble brain can't "get" that even though my question has been answered, other people's might not have. I've even been chastised for that attitude. Guess I'm just not smart enough to get it through my thick skull. Chris
  7. Okay. I just thought you missed I'd already sealed the wood's fibrous surface. My they say. Chris
  8. Oh, so you actually texture both sides at once? Cool.............and efficient. Chris
  9. Smart. I never did that when I was making furniture and even as expensive as my pieces were, there were times I really didn't make any, what I'd call, profit. Tough to swallow when it takes 10 months to build a piece of furniture and one breaks even. I should have used your method. Chris
  10. I like that one, Thomas. Tempted to use it in my signture. Chris
  11. Never thought of using them for projects, Thomas. Thanks. Chris
  12. Amazing how alcohol can ruin our best efforts on a project. Still, once it's covered with coal, no-one but you (and all of us, of course) will know the welds weren't perfect. Chris
  13. Thanks, JHCC. Going to start keeping my eyes out for a good candidate. Chris
  14. Thanks. Oh, one more question...........what did you use to mark the rounded face? Looks as if it was a cut-off disc in a I correct? Chris