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  1. " Particularly if they feel they are running up against didactic rather than empirical discussions." I assume I should take this as a teaching moment (didactic), and thank you for the lessons. The irony of your statement is not lost to me. I feel like we're playing ping pong here. But apparently we can not complain, nor teach about proper morals (didactic) when confronted by grumpy people. Instead we accept the grumpy-ness (Curmudgeon), and how they wish to tells us how to live (didactic) to respect them for their knowledge. meh. ===================================================
  2. Hey Busta, I am also from Alberta. South west of Edmonton. Where you at?
  3. I am sorry I assumed in the form of a question. I shall look up this Wootz you mention. It sounds very interesting.
  4. I agree, It would be nice to have stickies for this. More to come later?
  5. Theory side only. I am not going to do this. But could you take and melt mild steal and add carbon to it to turn it into a better quality steel?
  6. Does paint damage your forge? Wouldn't it just burn off eventually if you couldn't get it all off?
  7. What do you recommend? I was thinking just glasses and gloves. Earplugs as per required. Maybe a solid hoodie if Sparks become an issue.
  8. No. It's not you. My brain sometimes just shuts down unless I draw things out. 16" high is better than 8" high, I assume. Others may offer better advice though.
  9. Glenn The thing is, when a "grumpy" person is grumpy. And then a non-grump-meister defends themselves, there tends to be a debate. Words like "respect" are thrown around. What I tend to perceive is more along the lines of defence and standing up for personal dignity due to the grumpy-person's desire to be honoured no questions asked. Daswulf Thanks :P. I believe I have been using that feature. I think the concern was is that I was using that feature to pin point information directly above me. Instead I can manually write it in.
  10. Glenn said "If you give respect, you earn respect." I feel that people should be treated like a human being constantly. Honour is earned. Treating with dignity is a given.
  11. It's hard for me to picture what you're saying. But that's just me. I am more visual. If you made up a MS Paint sketch I could probably see better. But either way... From what I have gathered, mass underneath your blow is what you want. The more the better. Any splits from welds can cause issues and separate the force in ways difference than just a solid piece. Others may chime in about proper welding technique. I have read of people stick welding on a harder surface to mild steal and then cleaning it up. They would use that as a top face for their anvil. I probably will be doing t
  12. TheMatrixIAm said "if" No worries. man. Thanks. I do appreciate the help. Please and thank you. and sorry, eh. Here's a beer. That's about the equivalent of that grumpy people thread that I got. Bribe them, and say please and thank you and sorry and keep your head down and tail between your legs. Ya, I never quite got that whole thing. I work in the trades. I worked myself up from a grunt to a J-man. The thing is, the little guy starts small and then eventually replaces the grumpy knowledgeable guys. We don't all live forever. And pain stays in memory a lot better than pleasure
  13. See, the point I like of the quote feature is that it alerts the user to being quoted. without it then they are not alerted. And since you can not tag someone, this seems like the only feature.
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