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  1. OK. Cool! I've gotten some bad advice along the way then... Oops... I'll back her back down A LOT then. LOL My arm hairs will eventually grow back...
  2. Hi Frosty! Thank you for the reply. I love how helpful this community is. Ok. So, 70psi on the gas reg to get to temp.and then back it down when it is at temp. Cheers As far as ventilation goes, the shed I'm in is enclosed, somewhat, but has two large windows and a door which are always opened and a fan going to circulate the air. I've previously been told this is ample... *shrugs*
  3. Things came out great. Wanted to thank everyone for their help. Draws up really well
  4. Greetings all. This may be a stupid question to some, but I've just started using a gas forge again. And it seems the flames/blast comes a fair way out of the forge mouth. Ill attach some pics as soon as I can. ive tuned it to sound like a jet engine and she sure does get hot... but yeah, I can see a lot more outward hotness than I though got was normal. thanks in advance Colin
  5. 1.5x the diameter of the flue? OK. Will do. Cheers I'd read 1x the diameter, but I'll take experienced people knowledge over internet googling! Thank you gentlemen! I might even put a pic up when I'm done
  6. Good morning learned iForgeIron peoples... I need some advice I am trying to decide on a chimney/flue topper for my forge chimney/flue. It's a side draw hood design with no fan. I am looking at making one as I can't seem to source a decent one for the 14 inch flue where I am. Which one of these two designs do you think would be better? It's mainly to minimise water getting in while keeping a good level of air draft. Thoughts, other suggestions would be appreciated. Gratitude
  7. Hi Gote, Thanks for the heads up. That looks like it is another option for me that would definitely work. Appreciate the help.
  8. Ooohhh.... This looks most interesting!!! Hmmmm... Thank you sir. I only need to go through a 2 inch wall (metal sheet outside concrete sheet inside), maybe a 2 foot long horizontal draw flue to a vertical flue up to the top of the roof might work? Like the 4 degree back tilt to keep water out of the forge.
  9. Thank you for all the replies. Much appreciated. I guess I'll start with the rangehood but try a larger flue size. Some modifications will be done. It is a pain though that I have to have the flue through the wall and not straight up through the roof...
  10. I people of the blacksmithing type I have a random question that I couldn't find on the forums at all. (apologies if it is around - my search skills failed). Currently putting together my coke forge to be used inside my purpose build shed, however, I need to put in a chimney and hood. I have a second hand stainless steel domestic range hood (900mmx500mm) and I was wondering if that might be a good start for a hood for a coke forge? (only ever had a gas forge till now). Looks like the attached image minus the lights and filters and inbuilt fan. Any advice/comments/ridicule welcome (I am new to the concept of using ducting and hoods and chimneys and the like. Thanks in advance LJ
  11. There are more and more blacksmiths coming out of the woodwork (forge haze?) in the Canberra area. Mainly due to the courses available here to do. I hope we get a good community of blacksmiths and bladesmiths happening :)