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  1. Mikey: This better? Centered the contact tip and pulled it out a little. This shot is 5psi.
  2. Check my thread. Ufo build. Mixed with water is gets jelly. So just mix it until the spray bottle starts having trouble. Heat when done. Burn off the food color and water.
  3. Well... I definitely have a new respect. This is the first time I have ever banged on hot metal. There are a lot of different things to consider.
  4. OK, I will add another layer of blanket for the base instead. I think I saw some thread where you mentioned a ratio mix for " mix colloidal silica with water " can you remind me, I can't find that thread. Or is there a consistency we're looking for? I haven't tried to mix it with water yet, it is such a light material should be interesting. Also is there a mix ratio / consistency for the plistix? Enjoy sharing, appreciate the input.
  5. It is no longer the ufo build. I got a 5 gallon air tank for the shell. I believe I am ready to start setting my blanket and rigidizing, which I have some questions about. (I swear on my mother I have tried to read to correct steps, Mike /Frosty have laid out in forges 101 and other threads, but the info is spread out all over the place and hard to follow, but here is what I think you guys recommend.) lay down 1" layer of blanket. mix colloidal silica with water and food coloring, spray on blanket to act as rigidzier. lay in 2nd layer, repeat step 2. on t
  6. Websites need updating and indexing to guide people.... the sidearm burner had a parts list so I built it first. on a side note, I was looking at his air bottle burner, why use the pipe bushing instead of just a hole in the shell? related, is there some logic behind what size to make the rear port? Do you need a rear port?
  7. whoops. I am sure I will build both at some point.
  8. Local guy only had the two you see in the picture unfortunately. I will test these first. If I need to Ill taper it down. He said he might start stocking the tapered style though haha, I'm not the only guy asking for them around here... One question this picture wants me to ask, how deep does the contact tip want to be? I will test once I get it lit, but just another variable you guys probably already know.
  9. I have thank you for the free information. I did read about the tweco tapered contact tip. The post I read didn't make it seem critical, so I just purchased one I found locally. If that tapered design is critical though, I will get one ordered.
  10. Hello all, Wanted to share my first build with you guys so I can hopefully get it done in a good way the first time. I am still working on getting supplies together. I don't have a bunch of fab equipment, so I am trying to re-purpose this old stainless sink. I am looking to create a really basic forge so I can get to heating steel relatively quickly, both in the sense of a easy build, but also a build that is well insulated. One thing I am still thinking out is the angle of the burner. I know a 10/15 degree offset is recommended. I am going to try the Zoeller sidearm bu
  11. I am at the stage right before EnglishDave. I am searching for the right rigidizer product to purchase. So, I just search for any "fumed silica"? Is this what you bought @EnglishDave [link to commercial site selling West System colloidal silica removed]
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