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  1. There's a few other they have for sale here <commercial link removed> feel free to impulse purchase and import them Yeah this is what I was worried about. Thank you.
  2. Came across this thing at a used machinery dealer the other day. It's a John Heine 12 ton mechanical press. Can these be converted to be used for forging? Price is really good but that's all I would need it for.
  3. That's a possibility. I do wonder if there are any around me within a days driving distance though haha. Better start looking then!
  4. Only gas bottle I have is propane and argon but flammables I do have are books and fabric. Guess it would be nice to keep them cozy in a metal cabinet... Also thanks for all the inputs every one I will head off to buy a nice shoe when payday comes! Yeah it's unilateral I think I unconsciously lean to one side when standing still because I had some surgery done in the other leg before. I will seek some professional help thank you.
  5. I wish I could buy from a reputable dealer like them... Sadly with shipping and all considered it's cheaper from India but a more guarantee from old world anvils I suppose... It's tough living on a island haha.
  6. I already have a grinding room (read: my wood shed that has my grinder and few other things that generate lots of dust in it) just want to protect some stuff tucked away in the corner. I guess I will make a welding curtain holder of a sorts then, how tall do you recon it should be? I already use horse stall matting (weight mat? I think it's the same thing, it's the mat they drop weights onto). I guess I will buy a few more to put under my feet.
  7. Hey guys this might be a weird question but I wanted to know if anyone has tried this. I work on concrete all day and today when I woke up I realised I could barely stand due to the heel of my foot being in extreme pain so I had to drag myself around and put ice on it. I heard this was a side effect of standing and walking on concrete for long time and since I used to work on dirt and gravel all the time I never had this happen before so got to wondering. Could I build like a small wooden box that I could stand in filled with gravel or sand just to be in front of the forge and the anvil so after a long hammering session this won't happen again? Someone please tell me this is a utterly crazy idea before I go head first into this soon as the pain goes away, or tell me it's good because I'm kind of warming up to the idea haha. Also on the other side of the garage there are some flammable I would not like any scales or sparks to reach, does anyone have any experience with say a moveable dividing wall for these situations? Thank you in advance!
  8. Specifically these I suppose but other brands work. FLY PRESSES.pdf
  9. Has anyone tried out a fly press from india mart? These caught my eyes and was wondering if anyone has had any experience from them?
  10. I like this idea best seems relatively simple... Only wood I can get is something like treated pine however would that work?
  11. Hello, recently I have come across a 900 mm long 4.5" solid round of already heat treated 4140 for a very good price and brought it home but I have no idea how I'm actually going to use it as a anvil. I was thinking of building a wooden pyramid like structure about 750 mm tall, 500 wide and 250 wide at top with the pyramid top cut off placing the anvil inside and filling it with super strength fastcrete (30 MPA fast setting concrete). Would this be any good? If I stand it upright the 900 mm is right at my knuckle height also any additional idea as to getting it upright? Preferably without buying a engine hoist? Thank you in advance.
  12. Oh yeah I wasn't expecting it to make so much dust but I got lucky wearing my respirator for doing Kaowool related stuff. If you are curing the sillica or satanite or something similar, put the forge on it's end so the holes are perpendicular to the ground and hang a halogen light in it. I cured Satanite largely by just doing that. Good luck with everything mate!
  13. Go for it mate, I just got one with building it and it seems to have served me very well I think.
  14. Over here though West Systems 406 would cost me about 13 bucks + shipping where as commercial rigidizer which I had to go through a hoop and loop to get a contact that would sell it to me in litres would cost me about 35 bucks+ 20 bucks in freight.
  15. Like the stuff West Systems sells to make resin thicker? Do I just mix it with water and spray it on?
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