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  1. dont be afraid to research things, search buttons on this site and every other exist for a reason and getting new ideas is never a bad thing.
  2. as said above, thank you all for this info, its invaluable.
  3. welcome from a new guy to a new guy, best advice i can give is to read all the pinned posts, they answer 90% of questions you have without annoying people because you didn't do research before asking a question. https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/55-all-stickies-are-here/
  4. I'm ready for an everlasting quest, to forever seek more, to have an unyielding need to improve me. So Glenn, yes i am up for the challenge. I seek to learn from those my elder, and to in time teach to those my junior. To you, i give my gratitude for enabling me to be here.
  5. thank you both for the warm welcome, ive spent the past several hours reading all around and some of the things. you in particular, Charles have helped a lot already, namely here im already extremely excited by the sheer amount of information i have at my access, i am happy I'm getting into this as young as i am(a measly 16) and look forward to learning from you all the ancient trade.
  6. I'm just starting out as a smith, working on the basics and getting equipment etc. I hope to do great things and meet many like minded people.
  7. and so it begins