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  1. That is a beast! Even dropping it on a foot will do some damage.
  2. Good looking blade!
  3. Nope, no powerhammer. NO idea what the stainless is either. nothing identifying marks on it.
  4. I'm tempted to contact him about it.
  5. I just scored a rod of stainless steel from a buddy of mine. Weighs about 30lbs. I'm not too familiar with stainless steel but I may try to mess around with it this coming weekend. I stil haven't finished my anvil stand yet.
  6. What! You hit the jackpot for steel! Too bad it didn't work out for the anvils. 4 of them and not one available. Hopefully he will part with one eventually.
  7. wow....I didn't realize that was the size!
  8. haha, sounds like you are all set for scrap. Jeez! that's nice.
  9. Haha, I have two children as well. 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter so I know how it goes. have fun on your trip. Hit me up after you get back and we can set up a Saturday and crank the forge up.
  10. Even more reason to go talk to my local mechanic! Lou, that would be great! having someone with a bit of experience show me a couple of things would be fantastic.
  11. Ah, very good to know. I have a mechanic in my town that I can check with. Most likely the coil springs will be used but at least it will be something to practice with if I can get my hands on them.
  12. I actually don't work at UConn but I have an acquaintance that does. JHCC, I just bookmarked the web site for Logan Steel. I will be making a trip there soon!
  13. Thanks, Lou! I actually saw your profile after I joined. I was looking for people in the CT area that's on this forum. So, you're right. I am using the rebar to figure out hammering and shaping without wasting time and money on good steel. That's exactly why I was looking for spikes so I can figure out movement with thicker stock. HAHA, grinding was mind numbing to say the least. So far the gas forge seems to be working great but i've only used it a couple of times and I don't know exactly what to look for yet. I appreciate you mentioning it. And, THANKS! I haven't even looked around for places to buy handle materials yet.
  14. Exactly! I've been on other forums that I've been a moderator on (for bodybuilding) and that was an unwritten rule as well. So I take that to any other forum I go to. So far the search engine on the site has provided the content I've been looking for but I will keep that in mind if I have a problem looking for something.
  15. Thanks, JHCC. I updated my location and profile as suggested. Thanks for the tips!