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  1. Looking for ideas

    Do you have any welding skills? There are a couple of designs on the internet that take some fabrication but are not super complicated.
  2. Frosty, it wasn't my intention to advertise for the company. I have zero connection with them other than buying one of their VFDs and having had an exceptional customer service experience with them, which I've found to be rare these days. A tool rest is my next project. I'm debating whether to make a simple fixed table or to make some kind of table that is adjustable for height and angle. I'd love to see pictures of tables others here have made. I may install a lever for the tensioning arm like you did at some point. The spring I have in the tower now is pretty beefy and tough to compress. I first went with a storm door spring but had tracking issues when I pushed against the belt/platen. The heavier spring solved that problem.
  3. UPDATE: I have the vibration issues sorted out. The issue was that my high efficiency 2HP motor was not compatible with the software on my KBAC 27D VFD and it caused vibration problems below 60% speed. I contacted KB Electronics, the manufacturer or the VFD and they diagnosed the problem. Those guys are great to deal with! They had me send them my old unit and they replaced it with a brand new next generation unit at no charge. They did this even though they knew I bought the unit from a distributor and not from them directly. What great customer service! The grinder runs great now. Here is a picture before painting and with the motor temporarily hooked up.
  4. Belt grinder build driving me crazy

    Ok thank you
  5. Belt grinder build driving me crazy

    Frosty, my build is the same design as yours. What type of spring did you use for the tension spring?
  6. Thanks guys. The motor is a brand new Leeson 2HP 3 phase "Watt Saver" motor. I think I have it narrowed down to a VFD issue. I was on the phone today with tech support from the VFD company and he said that there may be a compatibility issue with the new "energy saver" type motors like I have and the VFD software. He had me try a number of different VFD settings by moving various jumpers and trimpot settings to see if I can get any improvement. The only thing that got rid of the vibration below 60% was to change one jumper from "Constant Torque" to "Constant Velocity". When I did that, the motor ran smoothly at all ranges. The problem with that was, I could then stop the drive wheel with light pressure on it. This obviously won't work for metal grinding. When the VFD is in "Constant Torque" mode, I couldn't stop it at all. The tech guy told me to call back on Monday and let him know the results. He said there is a new software upgrade coming out, so that might solve the problem. Fingers crossed!
  7. I tried again tonight without the drive wheel. Same symptoms.
  8. Hmm...I did have a drive wheel attached. I'll try again tonight without the wheel and see what happens.
  9. I did try holding it down very firmly to simulate bolting it down. The vibration was very strong and doesn't seem normal. Running above 60% and it is as smooth as glass.
  10. I'm almost done with a 2x72 grinder build. I'm using a KBAC 27D VFD connected to a Leeson 2 HP 3 phase motor. I did a bench test of the motor and controller last night. It is not hooked up to the grinder frame yet. The motor ran fine until I turned the speed controller below 60%. Then it started to almost jump around on the bench. Above 60% and it runs smooth as can be. Any idea about how to correct this?
  11. Post vise base dimension question

    Very helpful, thank you!
  12. Post vise base dimension question

    Good info, thank you!
  13. Post vise base dimension question

    Great idea, thanks Thomas!
  14. Post vise base dimension question

    I'm not sure. I have very limited experience using a post vise to this point.