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  1. HP500

    Resin for making Micarta question

    Thanks for the info!
  2. HP500

    Recent Axes

    Very nice! What made you decide to move away from 5160?
  3. Can anyone recommend a resin for making Micarta that stays clear and won't darken your starting material after it drys?
  4. HP500

    My first tomahawk

    Interesting idea, thanks!
  5. It is a wrapped eye design made from mild steel with a 5160 bit forge welded in and a Hickory handle. The grain on the handle wasn't very interesting, so I charred it in the forge and gave it a coating of Tung oil. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  6. HP500

    My first Pattern Weld!!!

    Very nice!
  7. Thanks MC Hammer, I appreciate the info. The rebound on this anvil is very good, at least 90%. I may try to post a video of it. My goal this weekend is to mount the anvil and to get some hot metal on it. Fortunately, the height is already perfect for me, but I will need to level out the stump just a tiny bit. I am really looking forward to putting it to the test.
  8. How did you apply the caulk? Did you cover the entire base of the anvil, just the perimeter, etc.?
  9. Thanks! I definitely need to do something to dampen the ring. I believe this anvil is cast steel. It is much louder than my Peter Wright.
  10. Thanks guys, I appreciate the information.