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  1. He just did a Q&A not long ago, I see why he doesn't talk much in his videos. He seemed a little awkward. lol But he did say how his name is pronounced. He said it translates to Thor Bear, so his name now is "Thunder Bear".
  2. Yeah, I need scroll tongs or to make some scroll pliers. I got it over a little on the anvil but it just wasn't wanting to curl for me. I need to make some good tongs for small stuff like that, the v bits I have are old and need a new rivet. They hold half inch or bigger stock.
  3. Via the hole I drilled. I'm not that great at this style yet, I prefer making them with the build in nail. Although it's the best I've done like this.
  4. Forged a wall hook today. The top twist went a little tight. I brass brushed it also.
  5. That's the guy I got the hammer and axe from. I got lucky and found the cross pein and it wasn't $50 but $10. He wanted $15 for the axe but I offered 20 for both. You see the Wilton bullet vise he wanted $600 for? That's crazy, if people buy them for that then I got one for sale right now. And the $1200 anvil that have half inch gouges in the face several inches long.
  6. I saw those tongs there but I couldn't see me needing a pair that big. Lol
  7. I doubt I'll make it tomorrow, I'm definitely coming up for the summer one in August though. And thanks for the info gazz
  8. Hey Jim, it was nice meeting you. Sorry I didn't come back by the shop. I came with my mom, grandma, girlfriend, brother and his girlfriend. The heat started getting to them before I made my second loop around the flea market. I was able to find a few things thought. Finally got my hands on some dividers and a camp axe. Not entirely sure what the thing at the bottom is though, my mom got it for me she said the guy said it's for saws, almost looks like something to punch out saw teeth. I've got about $30 in all of it, did my best haggling but some people just like to say "look online and see what you'd pay" it's ridiculous. It's a flea market.
  9. I didn't know there was another member in the area up there. I stay right on the border in WV.
  10. I'm not gonna take 40, gonna come up the back way through carmicheals. I was already tipped off on that one.
  11. So there's a thing called the National Pike Steam horse and gas show or something like that. I just heard of it a few months ago but they have a flea market and the site says they have a "working blacksmith". My mom says she saw it on HGTV once too. I'm hoping for some good finds. It's tomorrow and Sunday. I'll probably post some stuff from my phone through the day.
  12. Looks like one of the small adzes I saw in a video about coopering, one of the older more "primitive" tools they have replaced with things that look like weird half sideways rounded planer. I saw all kinds of things I'd never heard of or seen in that video.
  13. How did you get the right angles? I'm guessing the angle is whats marked on the tool? All I could figure is using a mill. At least to get perfect angles.
  14. Frosty, that looks like one I just saw on blacksmithing joeys YouTube. Hi May have been bigger though. I do like the idea of spring fillers though but the guillotine just seems "neater" or "fancier". I will probably start with a spring fuller or two and just make a guillotine in time. Might start making some since my fingers messed up. I think I can forge with it but I wanna give it a good week or more before I even try. Fabricating should be fine though.
  15. My uncle was gonna be using some if it for something with his tow truck or something. He has one of those old school tow trucks.