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  1. Wow, actually making your own power tools? That's pretty awesome, I don't know enough about motors or assembly to even consider it
  2. Oh spurs, that sounds cool. What kinds of materials do you need to get? Well if any syndrome sounds interesting, that one does.... could be a problem though. Maybe I'll have to get a blackboard and chalk for the shop when I'm starting one.
  3. JHCC Well since you said blade making is out (at least right away) I'm sure that general smithing is good to start with. I know I mentioned that I like swords (And I really really do) but I kind of want to be able to find a way to make anything that I can dream of. So general is good, and youtube is a wonderful reasource. The backyard blacksmith is something that I am trying to get my hands on right now, I read just before I joined this forum that it was a good one to start with. On metal treatment I'm glad you said that because I'd just gotten to that so I'll look into other methods. Glenn, I joined this page late at night so I haven't had a chance to peruse it yet, so thank you for the point in the right direction. I will most definitely pack a lunch and possibly dinner too. Michael, I will definitely be hitting this Forum for advice and tips and ideas, don't you worry, I just wanted to ask for a point in the right direction for basics because the SO content on here. What do you like to work on? Thomas, If I am honest, I am a massive Fantasy reader, but if I'm interested in a subject I can get into it. But yes, yes, yes thank you so much for the swords and blade making books, that is awesome! Technical Metallographic stuff would probably good, and since I'm am totally new basics would be good too
  4. Does anybody have any favourite reading material that I could look up?
  5. Ah sorry, that wasn't a word I've considered a curse in a long time, I will certainly keep an eye on my posts. Thanks for the warning. I'm reading The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander G. Weygers
  6. Sk Bjorn, Well I'm from Edmonton, but, I'm in Japan for another month and then I'm going to Sweden for a year at least! (I'm going to check for classes there and if not I will definitely check out those classes in SK) JCHH currently I have a book I am reading but the first part is all the tools I will need (including power tools, some of which seem to be made by the guy himself). It's both awesome, and very daunting. Thank you for the advice, when I get to Sweden I will definitely get the 4 H's and start working on small things. The forum I found you guys on said you were friendly, but two posts in I'm already loving this page. Oh and also I will definitely turn on my location as soon as I get to Sweden, and if there is no-one around then at least I'll have people to message back and forth with
  7. Hey guys, I am a canadian travelling the world, and I see amazing things people can do with metal and a hammer (and forge) I went to weta workshop in new zealand and found out they have a master sword smith The artistry people can show off with this skill is amazing. But my only real question is.... How the xxxx do I start? What do I need? I want in but it's kind of over whelming.
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