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  1. Not pretty, but pretty useful...tongs from spikes are plenty doable...
  2. Ok, cool...I don't do farrier work so they will continue to be "as needed for weird stuff" tongs...
  3. The gap in the jaws is better than a half inch. Can't grab a nail or horseshoe with them unless you are completely flush, and at that they are not stable. Like I said, they hold a spike well, though.
  4. Had these for a while but never seen another pair similar. They hold, but mark, rail spikes very well. Anyone else have a similar set? Thanks as always, Whisky
  5. Lol...cool! Farrier tool was my first guess, my cohorts drove me toward upholstery and carpet...nonetheless, useful little buggers!
  6. Found these today and have already put to use on small brooches and jewelry projects. Just wonder if anyone knows the original intent for them. My guess is upholstery, carpet laying or something of the sort to place and pull tacks or staples. Thoughts? Was an awesome sale that added another anvil to the stable but will share that later. Thanks as always! Whisky
  7. Cool, thanks guys! Will figure out a way to make it useful!
  8. Stumbled upon this at a sale recently. For a dollar, I figured I could find a use. Looks like a swage to put knurling in round stock. Thoughts? Thanks as always!
  9. Rebound is fair...almost as good as my Hay Budden...thanks for the info! May put it into use but so far have used as a talking piece when setting up small shows if I am not actually forging.
  10. Sorry if this is too picture heavy...my wife picked up this 70lb Vulcan a little while ago. I have a 50lb that's actually in constant use with people who want to come try forging...but there are quite a few anomalies with this 70lb guy. Weld at the waist is off, looks bad but feels solid...still don't want to hit it hard. Face is pristine, hardy is way small and pritchell doesn't go all the way through. Also, the mark looks cut in...whould someone be foolish enough to counterfeit a Vulcan? She paid $100 which I think is fair considering it's a display piece for me...thoughts? That's my working anvil, btw...149lb Hay Budden...pretty soft face but she does what I ask...which isn't too much! Shop is broken down for a garage sale...
  11. Awesome how welcome this community is...anyone is welcome in my humble shop...
  12. Hi everyone. Been lurking for years. I found a couple odd hammers yesterday and was wondering what people thought of them. The long pein I think is for working sheet metal? And I have no clue what the collar on the mushroomed face on the smaller hammer is for. It is marked as a proto. Ideas? Thanks!
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