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Odd Vulcan

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Sorry if this is too picture heavy...my wife picked up this 70lb Vulcan a little while ago.  I have a 50lb that's actually in constant use with people who want to come try forging...but there are quite a few anomalies with this 70lb guy.  Weld at the waist is off, looks bad but feels solid...still don't want to hit it hard.  Face is pristine, hardy is way small and pritchell doesn't go all the way through. Also, the mark looks cut in...whould someone be foolish enough to counterfeit a Vulcan?  She paid $100 which I think is fair considering it's a display piece for me...thoughts?







That's my working anvil,  btw...149lb Hay Budden...pretty soft face but she does what I ask...which isn't too much!  Shop is broken down for a garage sale...


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Vulcan anvils were cast upside down with a 2 part flask that went over the pre heated stee face. This particular one the top part of the mold (bottom of the anvil) got shifted and didnt line up properly it's still one piece but just looks funny. It should be perfectly fine to use as is. That's if it made it to the heat treat process. What is the rebound?

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