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  1. Alrighty, was considering building a new anvil anyways. Thanks for the help fellas. I will see what I can do.
  2. My anvil right now is just a piece of round bar tool steel. I was looking to get something with more weight and use. The vulcan is 250 lbs and the Farrier is 125 lbs. For use? I am just a hobby smith right now honestly. I have several friends that have become more and more interested as I get more involved with this so, I figured upgrading from a piece of round bar seemed to be in order. Again, thanks for the info and also any further advice fellas, You are awesome as always.
  3. I have been popping around different places to see what kind of anvils I can find. I was lucky enough to find a couple places that told me they would give me a call when they get a few more back through their store as well. I decided to settle down and look over the internet again as unsuccessful as I have been with it thus far. I found a couple that interest me, but I am still such a novice at trying to ID them. Here they are and thanks for the help fellas. First one is a decent deal depending on what it is. He wants about 3 dollars on the pound. The next one confused me a bit with the lettering and numbers on the side. hes wanting a bit more with just over 4 dollars on the pound. Once again any help is appreciated fellas. Hope you are all having a great day.
  4. I really would love to make one of these. What kind of steel is that? 4130? or some sort of mild steel?
  5. Can anyone tell me if this is an ASO or possibly something to look into? He is wanting 175 for it, but I am skeptical before even going. This second one has a seem down the middle which makes me skeptical as well. At last this trenton is a 60lb and the fella is wanting 7.5 per pound coming up to 450 bucks. Worth? or make him come down?
  6. Yeah, thanks for the find. They also do some workshops I might take a peek at in Tulsa. Gonna have to see about signing up soon.
  7. I am starting to ramp up a bit more on the construction of my forge and my machinist friend was helping me with making a makeshift anvil for the time being. I wanted to see if any of you would be willing to point me in a direction for coal around Oklahoma. I am still learning obviously when it comes to coal identification. So any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  8. Well, I am not out of luck when it comes to that, I just got in contact with an old machinist friend that has a personal shop. Gonna see about helping me out and he tends to let me have his scrap if I want it.
  9. That thing is really beautiful, Grats on the great find! Like everyone else said, I would love to see it when you get it cleaned up.
  10. Very nice Klorinth, Where did you find it?
  11. LOL, next thing will be a fly from the air with chopsticks eh? lol
  12. Yeah, Oh well, I will make sure I don't quote photos in the future. I actually know a bunch of machine shops and the welders there, but I don't know any Oil people honestly. Though I do know exactly where to go to find them. I appriciate the suggestion. Gonna see what I can do.
  13. Sorry about that, I will go through and get rid of the photo portions.
  14. I wasn't able to get the video to play sadly, but I am super excited to see more on your project! Wait never mind, I didn't look past page one... I am so stupid...
  15. I hear ya guys, I am putting together my forge now actually, when it gets closer to being finished I will post on here to show some progress. I have actually had the opportunity to work on a friends anvil and forge in the past, It was simple stuff, I was only helping him with my arms essentially. He would place his hammer and I would strike it from the other side with a sledge and made quicker work out of some of his projects. I loved it personally and that is why I am trying to get into it myself. I have since moved from there and don't have someone near by to give pointers and all that so that is why I am here. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestion guys! PS: sorry for the story, figured I would give ya my reasons for starting to some degree since we were on the subject. Gotta say that is actually really nice! I sorta assume, but I figure I will ask, did you harden it yourself or was it already fairly hard? I was actually considering doing just that, I really want to start with either making some tools for the craft or possibly some cruddy knives to get started lol. I definitely agree, money in pocket goes a long way in acquiring anything really lol. My reasons are more or less hobby based. I don't have a crazy amount of needs yet, but I am sure I will find them as I progress in skill in the craft. I am going to be heading by a scrap yard soon and I am working on the forge, so progress is happening, but just want to make some solid decisions to begin with.