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  1. I apologize if this is a stupid question but do you mean stand it up so the face that hits on the sledgehammer is the top of the anvil? And should i just cut a hole in a tree stump for a stand?
  2. Hello there! I am brand new to this site (made an account 5 minutes ago) but I have a question on making a slab anvil. I recently made my own forge/foundry in my backyard and have begun hammering iron and steel cutoffs that my friend gives me. Unfortunately, my current makeshift "anvil" is just a 3/4 inch by 15 inch by 6 inch plate of high carbon steel. Which it works fine I'm not complaining about that, my issue is that it is set on cinder blocks in my suburban neighborhood, the ring from hammering on it is extremely loud and probably annoys my neighbors. If anyone has any idea of what I could do that would be much appreciated. I do not have the funds to buy a nice anvil as I am still in high school but I'm pretty handy at woodworking so maybe a wood stand? Thank you for any advice!