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  1. Thanks for the tips. Good to know about the atf I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, it may be a few weeks before I get it set up pretty busy the next while and I need it to warm up a bit more so I can empty and do a DEEEEEP clean in my garage to make room. But as soon as I get it cleaned up I will put some more pics up.
  2. Sweet! That is what I was hoping it was. Thanks. Thanks yea I like the buy once cry once theory most of the time. Anybody have any recommendations to the best way to get it looking good? Just a wire wheel on a grinder? Do you use any cleaners or chemicals to clean them up? And should I paint the sides after I clean it up or just leave them? Or any other general need to knows about it that I should know?
  3. The mark is 50 so I am saying 500 the guy I got it from had an old scale that weighed it at 520 but he said his scale could be a few pounds off. And no it doesn't ring loud it is pretty quiet.
  4. I got my first Anvil last night. What do you think? Any ideas what brand it might be? All I know for sure is the rebound is easily 90% or a little more with a 1" steel ball and the surface looks to be in very good shape. But I don't see much for marks on it other than the weight and what looks like a spot where there used to be a mark or stamp on the end of the base on the square end.
  5. I may or may not have splurged and got the big one.
  6. Well I am the proud owner of my first anvil. THANKS to everyone who responded to my questions your answers greatly helped me in my decision. I will post up some pics on a new post.
  7. Do you know anything about them specifically caintuckrifle? Or just saw them for sale? He said someone told him the biggest one was a fisher but he said he can't make out any of the markings on it. What do I look for specifically to confirm or deny that?
  8. Thanks for all the good advice Frosty. I am in Southeast Idaho. I am going to go look at them tomorrow night. He said he would try and get the info stamped on them tomorrow morning. I need to try and find a ball bearing between now and tomorrow night too.
  9. The biggest is 520 lbs $2100 the next size down which is the one I think I would really want is 395 pounds at $4 per pound. He has already sold 5 of the smaller ones so I think the best of the smaller ones are probably gone.
  10. I am looking to purchase my first anvil and happen to find a few for sale. First question is after looking at this picture they all look a little on the rusty side. is this anything to worry about or can they be cleaned up good? I am looking mainly at one of the 2 biggest ones. Also Is there anything you can tell me about them just from looking at them? Or if I go look at them tonight what things do I need to be looking at? I asked about markings on them they don't know so I would have to go check them out for my self but want a little bit to have on my mind when I go. Thanks in advance for any info!!!