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  1. You are right the vice fastens under the work table. Is is used for various applications when holding wood is essential. Oil is never used on equipment when wood is used because of the stain and/or the absorption of it into the wood. Looks like an older vice seen on work tables in school and private wood working shops. kbcshop
  2. Years ago I was in the building supply and we had a shear just like yours and we used it to cut reinforcing steel. It had a handle about seven feet long to give sufficient leverage. I don't know a value for it but I suppose it depends how much you need/want to keep it or sell it. Hillsborough, N. C.
  3. Attached are pics of a vice I picked up years ago. I can't find any mfd info/id anywhere on it. It works just fine, just rusty. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks. kbcshop
  4. I have a set of gauges ( see pics ) which no one has been able to identify. Hopefully someone can help me id them. Thanks.
  5. I found this vice years ago and recently found it again. Can't find a mfg name or any ID. Little rusty but works just fine. Does anyone know what I have?
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