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  1. Anyone in the Tampa / Clearwater area? I'm down here for a few months helping out my father because he has cancer and I'm trying to find a place or blacksmith club I might be able to do some forging at. Brought down my anvils and forges from Pennsylvania but I can't set them up where my father lives. The condo people won't even let me set up a bbq outside! If anyone knows of any groups or open forges in the area please let me know. Thank you
  2. Can anyone tell me anything about Thomas anvils?
  3. Is this damage? I feel like it is.. There's a PW anvil a little over 200lbs for sale near me and I thought it was just damaged but I don't know what could cause this on a anvil. It would be one xxxx of a dent. I've never seen anything like it..
  4. That's awesome to know.. I've been wondering how easy it's going to be to find coal & coke out that way.
  5. Here is the start of what my new tank will be. I need to strip down my rebar and plan to drill holes in it and around the top of the bin to put bolts through that I will be using to hold my rebar in place as well as using them to connect the 10g wire I have that will connect all the rebar together minus one when using the positive charge. It's going to be getting a lot of use coming up. I have my new forge taken apart and plan on restoring it as well as what I think might be a Peter Wright leg vise I just bought as well of someone in Gettysburg. I'm excited to get this stuff cleaned up and back in use. Should be fun.
  6. $500-$600 for a 100lb anvil is common even where I'm at now if you look on craigslist. (I'm in York Pa) I post wanted ad's and that's my best way if finding things. People might hit you with high numbers but you can luck out. I did. I got my 137lb Peter Wright for $85.00. I know of another PW that's 99lbs for $400 because of my want ad's and I even saw a 100lb PW sell at a auction in Philly for $900.00! I couldn't believe it. Yeah it was mint but $900? Crazy! Last PW I saw at a auction was just under 200lbs and sold for $485.00. Wasn't the best but good and I'd take it over that 100lb for $900 any day! I just bought my Champion No.104 forge at a auction in Lancaster Pa. I paid $310.00 plus 15% buyers fee. It's the vary forge I wanted so I was lucky it was just a farm auction and not a blacksmith-farrier auction. Price goes up at them a lot and anybody interested in blacksmith stuff shows up to pay ebay prices on everything. Box lots of tong that sell for $30.00 sell for $30 per tong at blacksmith sales. It can also be hard buying things here any time you see Quackers are at sales or kinda Amish looking people. THEY WILL BUY EVERYTHING!! EVERYTHING!!!!! They have truely deep bottomless pockets and they don't even have to know what it is they'll just buy it. I hate it..
  7. I started getting my new tank stuff together today and figuring out what I want to use as the tank. I'll post some pics as soon as I actually start putting everything together so people can see how I've been doing it. It's gonna be a heavy duty tank to sure!
  8. Oh before I forget, the first thing I did after seeing the Champion No.5 was pull the skid and try to pick it up. It was on a skid for a reason. It would crush a car! Haha. It was also way to big to fit in one. That's a 4ft wide skid it's sitting on. Even with the door off that thing couldn't fit in a normal passenger vehicle. I am really bummed I didn't get it.. Oh well I have my eye on a 319lb Peter Wright coming up only two weeks anyway so time to start saving!
  9. That's a good question. I went out a year and a half ago and got myself set up in PB and was going to be helping out a friend that has a business selling installs of TV's and touch screens to business's then I had to fly back east for my things and to drive my dog out. First my car caught fire, then I wrecked the van I bought after that and shook my head a little to hard keeping me here and all that was followed by finding out I have Graves disease so I'm running a little behind and have a lot of making up to do. I'm about broke now from it all so it's gonna be a adventure to figure everything out.
  10. Oh this is a good story too, as I was buying things at the auction I would walk over and place them in my forge. I turned and saw a woman pointing at me and jumping up and down. I turned and looked at the forge and had a 5-6ft black snake sticking his face in mine! I sat a hammer on him not noticing he'd found his a nice warm spot to lay in my forge. He wasn't to happy haha. I was thinking the whole time I better keep a eye on my forge incase someone tried to snake something from me. Sure enough I got snaked alright!
  11. I own a Reed 108, 106 and a lot of other unnecessarily large items. It had my name all over it. The auction was 30mins from my house and I got dropped off knowing I might not get a ride home but I was to buy the blower and a Champion No.104 forge. I got the forge and I really wanted that blower! If it was my vehicle that sucker would be mine for sure. I thought I might be walking my forge home so I was stuck. I'm in Pa there's more. (Somewhere) Clearly not carrying that blower out of the woods and down the highway home haha. Moving to San Diego from Pa is going to be a big change, I don't know where I'm going to put anything! Real estate is top top dollar there! I have it easy here in Pa. My neighborhood has metal shops, iron shops, RR tracks, even a coal mill. Homes cost $40K. If I didn't get this stuff and only have this vehicle coming for me I'd a found a way to secure me having that totally unneeded blower! LoL
  12. I went to buy a champion blower at auction today. I had to pass it up. I knew it was larger but I had to pass, It was to big to get in the vehicle we had with us haha. Sold for $80.00. Thing was awesome.
  13. From everything I've read 2amps is all you need. Higher amps makes more bubbles but will not improve anything or make it faster.
  14. There's old rail like that all around me and I see people taking it all the time. I personally use a Milwaukee cordless bandsaw to cut all kinds of rail. I got it at Home Depot it's nothing special. If the rail is to big I dig under it or if I can I put a car jack under it and block it up. With old rail like that it's much easier to cut. In fact they cut it on spot with no tools a real long time ago. This is how they did it.. Take a cold chisel and mark a clean line around the track. Then take a good size sledge hammer and hit your mark. That's it, it will snap and much easier than you'd ever think! Back in the day they'd mark the rail with a chisel and drop it onto another piece of track and the rail would snap clean. That's how it was done with old track. They didn't have power tools out there on site back then. All you have to do is mark and snap it. New track you can't do that. New track is steel old track is iron. Steel track will not snap! I'm in Pa and there's tons of old Pa RR track around and that's even today how they remove it. So just snap it if you don't have a cordless bandsaw. People think way to much into cutting rail and it's really not that hard.
  15. Sorry for the late reply I went for a CAT scan and some blood work. For power I'm using a car battery charger on the 2amp setting. Haven't started the new tank yet but will tmw.
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