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  1. I tried a search for something similar and failed, so appologies if this is an old hash. The one thing that people seem to sat say is that it they were somehow instantly hooked. Some amazing history in peoples answers though, especially you smoothbore!
  2. I sure hope not, its just so inconsistent. It never cut out once in all the times i've used the angle grinder, drills or saws. I think it's just a test and see thing but im praying all the same
  3. Started some agency work a few years ago in one of the big chain stores, shaved and showered at 5am and around noon the same day my new manager told me I needed to make sure I shave to keep in line with store policy on acceptable grooming. I didn't last 2 weeks.....
  4. Found today when visiting relatives, I knew grandad was a bit of a horder before he died (well over a decade ago) and nan had cleared a lot of his "junk" when they took down his old shed but she kept a set of his old draws with misc tools she didnt understand. But the real gems are a set of well loved punches, a hardy tool and what mustr be a very uncomfortable to use fuller! other than that some old forged gate hinges, calipers and a nice amount of tool and misc steel!
  5. Title said it all. Just curious to know what brought all of you into Blacksmithing? family history? hobby? Its a question I almost always ask when I meet a Smith, and the answers are always worth hearing! I'll start; I first got into the idea of Smithing when after working dead end jobs i decided that i needed to do something more creative and with my hands. It came down to woodwork or metalwork, and then after talking to my grandparents and hearing them tell stories of the horses, the forge and fire, the incredible things they watched their father make and how people came to know him just couldn't get out of my head. I watched a few videos and then went to a festival and did a taster and didnt stop dreaming about making something for 2 weeks. 8 months, lots of wood,sweat and nails on here today and im almost ready to switch on my own forge and start my own journey, just one powercable away... So then! whats your story?
  6. we have neither Air Con nor any fans really, ID is not exadgerating when he said 4 days. Even the heating is off at the moment pending an upgrade. Smoggy I couldn't agree more, seeing it all in action and knowing its so close now I just can't wait! I think i'll probably keep it (the forge) for now, and when i've had a chance to try it if its not too my taste I can always sell and would most deffinately buy and recomend one of Iron Dwarfs forges, especially now that i've seen one after a few hours use. Worked a lot better than the ones i've seen and used at the few demo's i've been too. A hand crank would probably work frosty, but I think im going to take up ID's offer of making me a 50m cable and sockets, the othher issues will just have to wait untill next summer when i'm more prepared to afford or tackle them.
  7. that was some amazing identification skills! Sadly though It's not limited to the kettle, also happens to the oven, pond pump....any socket really though it seems worse in summer. And I'm not opposed to extension cords, but given the season using multiple is a flat no and if there's simpler solutions...thanks Forthe help! Irondwarf was asking what motor it was and I was at a los
  8. Its more for the curious soul in me, I just like the thought of all the other people through the years who might of used it. Maybe it could of been one of my great grandparents? One of them had a forge just a couple of miles from where we found this one and apparently in his day was quite a known man! Sometimes though I do think i over romanticise thinggs.....
  9. Pictures are here, and it doesn't look usefull to my untrained eye...
  10. Very excited to meet you and learn something! Thank you all for everything so far too, got a lot of options to research think about
  11. does anyone recognise anything? i've been trying to do some online searching but nothing distinct. The feet tend to be wrong for a lot of the descriptions im seeing.
  12. I see no labels, stamps, stickers, plates or anything more than just the dial on the blower. It appears to be the original part and has a 13A fuse. and smoggy i know exactly what you mean. I started with 4 poles in the ground with a tarp over and now i've ended up with 4 walls, gaps for ventilation, a solid oak table to use as a bench and the upcoming issue of; "which of my friends wants to help me move just a couple of heavy items down this very long garden?" Just nearly lost a leg trying to lay the anvil on its side to see the base!
  13. Pictures are here! I can make out 3 numbers on one side, which are; "2 2 19" and on the other I can just make out a circle nearer the top. but it's very hard to see in person let alone on camera. Frosty using daylight and shinging it at an angle worked a treat! Also took photo of the base, feet, and different angles.
  14. I'm hoping too Thanks smoggy and dwarf. Sorry to hear your struggling too, its a shame something that only a couple generations ago was almost a 1 in 5 job is now so awkward to even begin!
  15. This is another ideal solution. Gen is something i'd end up buying downline anyway I think so I can jusitfy this more expense-wise and i'd not even realised I could use batteries until this thread! Is their a guide on here somewhere for setting up whatever connections i'd need?
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