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Found 8 results

  1. Hello to all! I bought a couple of days ago this fly press. It weights 700 kg and has a 3 lead screw. The fly wheel diameter is 120 cm (47 inches). I did find some German inscriptions on it, a serial number and a logo that seems to be three letters "CKZ". If anyone has any info about the origins of that tool and/or the pressing power of it, it would be nice to know. The wheel is stuck but according to the junkyard salesman it used to spin freely a couple of years ago, I am not sure if it will turn to be a good buy or a failure. For now i plan to soak everything into petrol for a week or
  2. Hiya folks. I'm buying this old fly press and I'm curious about its origins. I googled around to my best capacity but was unable to find anything about the press or the manufacturer. The press is about 2 meters/6,5 feet high and weights around 350kg/770 pounds Any sort of info on it would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  3. So i finally pulled the trigger on a # 5 flypree from OWA and while i am wating for it to arrive i have been reading up on tooling. I made it to ron reils page on flypress toolong through ABANA and saw his integral tool holder wich is just a extra tool holder clamped into the tool holder that is allready stock on the press ? Is there a good reason for this? It seemes to me if top tools are made correctley with a flange so the force is on the ram face not the end of the tool. Then this tool holder idea is just a silly way too waste 3" of working room. Or am i missing somthing?
  4. Hi all, Prompted by a comment about tooling pics, here is a nice set-up I didn't do. Is at a local technical college I go to. Red thing is a soft plastic/ hard rubber that strips the job off the punch, after cutting. cheers, AndrewOC
  5. Recently got a total score on a fly press for only $50. Brought it back to my shop cleaned it up oiled everything up and built a stand for it and got it anchored in the concrete. Started building some tools for it and realized that I have an issue I can't figure out how to solve. i was making some pins for bending material out of 1" stock and went to set the stop on the screw so I could get a consistent bends for multiple pieces of material and realized that the threads for the screw do not go down far enough to set a stop for any material less than 1" thick. The only solutions I can see
  6. I am looking to purchase my first fly press. I am still new to smithing but have wrist issues. I've been looking at eBay and was thinking of going up to gold machinery in Rhode Island. Im not in a hurry though So I would like your opinions: 1) I was thinking a c frame was more versatile but would like to know what most people use. 2) how large to purchase. I usually work with 1 1/2 thick and less metal 3) in the Mid-Atlantic where should I look for a press 4) what should I look for in a press I appreciate any input
  7. Hi, I wanted to share a few photos of the fly press that followed me home in the early summer. Not a machine I have often seen in my travels. I have wanted one for a while as they seem most convenient for certain forging operations. I also wanted a solid press that I could do simple punching/blanking operations in. I have a few ideas for dies I would like to build. With all due respect to power hammers, I like the idea of a quiet, hand controlled machine. Plus the garage floor won’t withstand a power hammer. I have seen some neat work smiths have done with fly presses and I hope t
  8. Found this; "Pressure from a Screw Press.- The pressure exerted by a screw press is dependant on the length of the lever attached to the screw, the pitch of the screw, and the force applied on the lever. Thus, circumference of swing X number of threads per inch X force = force or pressure exerted by the press. Example, A force of 100lb. acting on a lever 20in. long which is attached to a screw having a pitch 1/2in. exerts a pressure as follows: 3-1/7 X 20 X 2 X 100 = 12,560lb., or approximately 5-1/2 tons. " So the challenge is on; those who have fly presses with catalog force rating
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