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  1. sounds to me, just from the description without pics.....this might be a forced air burner running without the forced air
  2. Frosty and Jiffy, I ran out and picked this up today...it is made to hook up two tanks and my regulator will hook up directly to this. it is for a mr heater two tank hook up. frosty, the burners are the same design as shown on youtube by dave hammer...very easy to make and work well. I use a .035 mig tip with a little drop of locktite. thank you again.
  3. And beside the manifold issue.....any thoughts on the forge itself?
  4. Jiffy, first off no worries I apreciate the words of advice and thank you and frosty for the caution to my current set up. I will revise this set up to increase safty, but I do have a question or two. first would one of you or anyone have the time to take a pic or two of your set up and post to this thread? and beside something falling on to the pipe.... What are other problem areas with this set up? It is 3/8 sch 40 iron pipe.. I used it because I have a very large supply of sch 40 black iron and glv pipe... Is this pipe not suitable for the pressure directly from the tank as I currently have
  5. thank you all for your thoughts and advice on etsy. Just fyi though I am by no means looking at making this my sole source of income, that would be wonderful if I could make that happen but I am not holding my breath. I enjoy blacksmithing as a hobby and tend to put a lot of time in to it. I have been working with metal professionally as a welder/custom fabricator for over 15 years and have been blacksmithing for fun for a little over a year now. I make things for my enjoyment only, i.e. I give most of the things I make away....makes me feel good when somebody looks at it and smiles or they s
  6. My wife has been asking me why don't I set up an etsy shop to sell....well I don't really have a good answer for her other than "I don't know". So I figured I would ask and see if any of you have sold on etsy and if so how was or is your experience?
  7. Sorry, for the delay in replying to you all. Wayne, I checked out your site and have to say I am interested in ribbon burners now. thank you for sharing the information. Frosty, yep just a single T and so far it has worked great. the final design turned out a little different than the concept pics form the OP. I ended up just keeping it as simple as I can and l left room for future modifications as I know I will think of something. I have attached some pics of what I came up with and the first project I ran through it. at the moment I do not have a hard floor in the forge so I just used a sc
  8. The makers of solidworks also offer a free program called draft sight that can be downloaded and installed on pretty much any type of machine or system. I make my living with solidworks and use draft sight quit frequently
  9. Jimship, I second that question?
  10. Thank you, to all of you for all of this information..I think I have enough tips and wisdom from you all to give this another go and most likely find a few more ways of how to not do this ha ha. Thank you all again.
  11. Jeddly, I didn't even think to look at paracord wrappings thank you.. I searched 550 cord wrapping and found a couple images on how that is wrapped. I will have to try and see if that will work on wire... Not sure on fishing it through the wrap and pulling it back down... But hey I wont find out if I don't try... Thank you
  12. Black frog, yes I have an O/A torch. I know that is copper wire but I have seen pics of other materials as well... This pics was just to make sure I was calling it correctly. I have tried rebar wire and it wrapped ok as well as some galvanized wire that I removed the galvinize from... I just can't get the dang ends tuck in lol
  13. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find information on how to wire wrap a piece to hide a weld? I have ran searches on IFI and the web, I have found many pictures of it and a lot of info on chain mail and wrapping with flat stock, which is great info but not really what I am looking for. I have attached a pic from the Internet (this is not my work) of what I am talking about just in case I am calling this process by the wrong name. I tried this on my own with 14ga wire and well... I am too embarrassed to show you that adventure lol. My biggest question is how to
  14. Vaughn, I forgot to mention thank you for the chamber length advice... I think I will slim it down to about 10" to 12"...if I go to 12" I can cut the fire blanket in half and keep it at an even dimension. And waste less
  15. George that is a great idea..I LIKE IT!. I will have to do some re thinking now. Thank you all for your kind suggestions. I am using an old piece of pipe and that is the only reason it is a cylinder.... If before I build, I can come up with some sheet steel the geometry will be changing. Wayne what is your web address? Would like to see the video Again thank you fellows
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