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  1. This is just stunning. I absolutely love the detail work. They will be very proud to display your work
  2. Looks very nice. my brother has been asking me to make one for him. Although it won't be as pretty as yours
  3. What were the results? I'm curious to see if it works as I have a ton of blades
  4. I badly wanted all of this to follow me home but figured better follow the laws and all. I did find one J clip in the middle of the road about a 1/2 mile up the road from it and turned around to grab it. I figured I'm doing everyone a favor saving their tires and what not
  5. Thanks olfart and rwolf those look like fun projects and I actually have a bunch of antlers laying around
  6. Thank you frosty. I am trying to find examples of what you guys have made out of 1/2" or 3/4" black gas pipe. I can salvage everything I could want for fittings and pipe. Just trying to find a way to get use out of it besides rusting in the corner
  7. Thank you for the words of caution. I'm glad you said something I figured I could just unbolt it so you probably saved me some kind of injury I just need to dedicate a spot to make one but it is on the list for sure. Probably will just use two by fours and half inch black pipe seeing as I have an unlimited Supply laying around. That brings up another question for me comma does anyone have any good ideas for forging things from black pipe. I have an always replenishing supply of 1/2" black pipe and fittings because I do hvac work for my day job
  8. Went to the scrap yard this weekend and found some good steel to heat and mangle. Who knows if I'm lucky I might make something worth keeping. Dropped 20 dollars and got two good size coil springs and a nice set of 3/8 leaf springs longest being 4 ft. Also got lots of random stock along with a couple of pieces of tool steel. All in all I would say it was a good day at the country junkyard
  9. Absolutely love the creative thinking. Put a big smile on my face
  10. Yea I had read that thank you. It is much quieter than my Peter Wright but it is in much better condition. The plate looks to be in good shape. Can't wait to try it out this weekend
  11. Got a #100 Vulcan today. It was joined by the small hardie hot cut and bottom swage. Very clean edges and face. Only a few dings that will work smooth with hot iron. Paid 100$
  12. I had a good day at work today. Had a #100 Vulcan jump in the back of the truck and follow me home. It was joined by a small hot cut hardie and a bottom swage tool
  13. That's a beautiful anvil. Glad you were able to save its life and get it out of the scrap yard. She will serve you well
  14. Here are my two anvils first one is a 95? Lb Peter Wright 1852-1860 I think. The man who gave it to me said that his grandad brought it with him when the immigrated for England. The second is a nice rr anvil that someone put some serious time into I think. Need to put it on a better stand
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