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    Addicted to making things.


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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Addicted to making things.

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  1. Here is my favorite tidbit. Mathematician James Grime of the YouTube channel Numberphile has determined that 39 digits of pi—3.14159265358979323846264338327950288420—would suffice to calculate the circumference of the known universe to the width of a hydrogen atom.
  2. We are getting into the spirit of it this morning! Early September snow for the last day of summer... I am going to be making little fish shaped wall hooks for everyone.
  3. I do have to say that I honestly didn't expect that...8-)
  4. Thanks man! I like how the water comment went straight to single malt, been way to long for me. I think it would go well with a campfire as well since its always a good place for coming up with ideas.
  5. I don't think you will find an easy way to forge a blind square hole and keep the sides parallel. how about punching and drifting the hole in some stock and then arc welding it to a fancy handle?
  6. What I am describing is actually a solid phase weld. There is so much more control in a kiln you can do a better job keeping things from melting ( and thus blurring the boundaries.) so you get a much higher quality product. A weight applied while heating would just soak up the heat, slowing you down. Clamps are easy and there is a side effect most people don't think about, which is that Copper expands more than steel when you heat it so your clamp effectively gets tighter when you heat it. Some people take this idea to extremes by using extra low expansion metals as the bolts of the clamp.
  7. You bet. I have done quite a bit of cooper/brass, in one. Way more consistent, and repeatable billets than in a forge. I clamp it and pack it inside a stainless container with charcoal. Cook at 850c for 1 to 2 hours. Remove from heat and reduce thickness by 50% to consolidate the welds. Follow up heats in a forge to shape as desired. The main thing to think about and prep for ahead of time is how you are going to make that initial consolidation. I make my clamp so it fits in my press. If no press is handy make clamp to fit a nice big vice. They work well for the initial squish though 50% reduction may not be feasible in one heat. So follow up heats with a forge and hammer instead.
  8. Really like your post, thank you. My boss always says-" Don't think with someone else's checkbook" It has made a big difference to me in my day job.
  9. Glad you like it. Have at, would like to see your when you are done. 8-)
  10. Fish, planning on using it with 3 hooks below for a key holder Slowly building stock for a show this fall. 20210726_070827.mp4
  11. Sweet deal! Needed to cut corners on flat bar for a small production run.
  12. Found a couple more in the shop this morning
  13. Thanks! Would love to see what you come up with. I was going to do that but got distracted by something else that needed forging..8-)
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