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  1. Hey guys i was wondering if I could use something like this to make a forging press, I'm able to make dies and what not myself but using one of these could be a little easier than using a power hammer, Im curious as to what i would need in order to make a hammer with one of these say a 5lbs hammer, would i be able to punch hammer eyes with something like this or not.
  2. It does sound Like a Peter Wright does it have steps on the feet of the anvil? '>
  3. Adam Cooper, South Australia, Adelaide
  4. while i appreciate telling me to do nothing. i would like to have an anvil i can use every part of, The anvil has gone soft of those regions anyway as it has been welded before by a previous owner.... I did state i can re harden the anvil for next to nothing at a local steel mill. Ok i cannot get Stoody here in Australia easily and it will cost an absolute fortune. The alternative is the electrode i found. high impact high abrasion resistant. The question im asking for now is tips, any at all. and also is there a better alternative to the electrode i found.
  5. This electrode seems to be the best so far.
  6. Hey Frosty, Thanks for the reply. What about this welding rod,
  7. Hey IFI, ​ I'm thinking about welding my anvil edges up and doing some general repairs to it. While it is usable I'd love to see this classic brought back to its prime. Mint Condition or refurbished anvils of this size are next to impossible to find in Australia and if anyone has experience what would the value be of the anvil after refurbishment. Does anyone know any history in regards to the Peter Wright anvils. When where they made?, How where they made?, Are there any patents to identify this anvil specifically or at least its model. Now I've chosen a high chromium Manganese Hard facing welding electrode to do the whole job. I only have to weld to steel not to the iron body of the anvil. Here is the DATA sheet for the electrode I would like to use: It would be helpful to anyone who has given this a go in the past to please pass along any tips and tricks. If need be then i can have the anvil annealed and re-hardened as a local steel mill. The anvil in question is a 155kg Peter Wright i picked up for $250 Australian. Pictures of Anvil and proposed areas to be welded up. This is the main section I want to weld up. A weld has been done here before by a previous owner. I have to chip off or grind the rest of the welded piece out. Its soft and not usable. As you can see here the anvil has see better days. Thanks Everyone for any help at all.
  8. would that then mean that a side blast forge is better in that sense Herb Because a side blast forge has no firepot so to speak.
  9. Hey guys/gals, I have the housing of a buffalo silent 200 blower, the fan for inside of it and an electric pump motor. though i need to figure out some kind of mounting system, im wondering can i weld cast iron to steel. i would be able to weld a steel bracket to hold the blower then.
  10. haha here in aus, we are getting anvils on ebay and gumtree selling at minimum of 500$ aus, smallest anvil a 30kg PW, sold last week for a ridiculous 700$ and then anvils are banged up as heck,
  11. Excellent!, thread is great, im hoping they give it up. honestly its not been used in months. seems like a waste to me :/
  12. worth repairing, im hoping they give up on it and let me have it. as it is they are thinking of not using it al together as they have a 3 cwt hammer and 1cwt hammer
  13. G'day everyone, My local association has ownership of a small power hammer, not sure what make it is, but i would personally love to restore it. would be nice to know its make and age. currently it goes unused simple because its deemed unsafe. requiring a lot of tender love and care. Thanks guys, By the way i live in Australia, if that helps with identification.