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  1. I have a short piece of track that was given to me and am setting it up vertically to use as an anvil. My question is would it be a good idea to heat treat it so that it is hardened first or will it work harden over time? Thanks for your input.
  2. Thank you. So, anyone out there have any feelings they could share on how effective ductile iron is for anvils?
  3. could you give us a name if not a direct link? Perhaps that would pass an edit check. I have seen people mention "old world anvils" and fontanini several times without getting those names edited.
  4. That would be nice. I have to admit that the ebay prices are more than I am willing to shell out at the moment, and I even live close enough to matchless antiques to be able to drive there and pick one up. At least there is some good lessons and satisfaction to be had in shaping a rr track anvil.
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