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  1. I'm just learning only been at it a couple of years in my spare time. I want to use a power hammer to forge hammer and axe heads maybe some Damascus
  2. I don't have any pics and don't know how to post them yet. The hammer is in east central IL and is in working order still being used in a smithy
  3. Are these good hammers and what $ value
  4. skeeter

    Strongly considering a coal forge.

    I have a gas forge I made from a freon tank with a Ron Reil design burner, works well but I prefer my coal forge with champion blower, quiet and only burns hot when I want it to, saves fuel that way.
  5. skeeter

    Strongly considering a coal forge.

    There is a place near Arthur IL. That has smithing coal. T I think the last I bought was 10.00 per 25 lb. The place is called Yoder's Gazebos , Amish owned.