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  1. You are right Rashelle. When I was approached with this project all they could give me was a simple drawing from a book. with some back literature with it. after reading the first hand accounts on board the slave ship's concerning the use of this and many other atrocities and tools of torture used it was with quite a bit of humility that I presented it to the Museum. a little more back story with this device was that originally it was a 17th century medical tool for lockjaw. I apologize for a lack luster description of the device but I'm new to posting pictures and such and I'm just a quiet type -_-
  2. This is a piece I made for the Frazier History Museum in Louisville KY. for their "Spirits of the passage" educational program. It was used to force open the mouths of slaves who were trying to starve themselves on the voyage across the Atlantic.
  3. Since this web site is accessed around the world I have a qeustion of the tradition of "ringing the anvil" in memorial of someone who has passed away. is there a certain number of times the anvil is struck? or what is the story of the tradition in general.
  4. Heya Folks , Here is something you other coal burners might want to keep an ear on. Went into Louisville , KY. this morning to pick up some smithing coal from Cumberland Elkhorn. I've been going there for 13 yrs. getting my coal and have pretty much struck up a good first name relationship with them. Coal has been going up in price as you all may know but as I was talking to the feller there he was'nt for sure how much longer they were going to be receiving it. He said they had another purchase order for it but no idea when it would be there. I know the last time they did was back in October. I asked why so and he said a big reason was it seems that alot of it is being shipped overseas in particular China and another was it just wasn't cost effective for the Mines anymore. Figure I better get me a Gasser and set up a Charcoal kiln.
  5. Forgot to mention.. There is nothing I do with coke/coal that I can't do with charcoal. but you will burn thru it quicker.
  6. Like everyone else say's the "Cowboy Charcoal" will work fine. At some places you can find bigger bags of hardwood lump as it is starting to become more popular for outdoor grilling. I have gone to GFS food service and gotten bags almost twice the size. As a note I was using a bag of "Cowboy" and was putting it into my forge and saw a couple of pieces that didn't look right. I picked them out and they were what I call that plastic wood they use for decking . I reckon it got mixed up with the rest of the scrap lumber they use but it was charred just the same only the ends were melted. You might want to also investigate making your own. I have plans on doing that because of the access I have to hardwood pallets.
  7. Thank you fellas for the ideas. I think i'll start off with the tubing benders as so far i'm planning on keeping it simple in looks but the other possabilitys are facinating too. somethings to keep in mind.
  8. Yeah I was thinking of the tubing or steam pipe . and the candle look-alike lamps is what i'm planning to use if I can find them. I'm still sketching this out on paper. I geuss i'm looking for tips from those who may have made something like this before. I'm kinda bumfuzzled with how to shape the tubing without it collapsing if you take my meaning. I would love to be able to post a sketch but i'm looking to have 4 fixtures on it hanging from the ceiling on a chain.
  9. Heya folk's. Got a project in mind for some friends of mine. They are restoring thier kitchen to a rustic colonial style and besides the hanging pot rack ,hinges, etc. they asked if I could do a ceiling mounted chandalier to look like the old candle type. any info and/or advice would be appreciated as i have never done one .
  10. Finally wanted to say how-do to everyone and give a bit about me self. I have been smithing now for about 12 years give or take. got started when my family and I got into historical re-enactments and it's just blossumed from there. I do a bit of the historical type camp gear and knives and hawks but have been doing more ornemental iron and some restoration work. I love doing hardware for cabins and such. I plan to post some pictures and such when time allows and I get smart enough. ( maybe me wife will do it for me.) Love the new format to IFORGEIRON. Take care
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