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  1. Good morning all The second one is a chain sprocket. It is unfortunate you didn't find some of the chain with it. -grant
  2. Good morning all Bob, the title of this thread is Fibonacci stack of Fisher anvils. We were subtly suggesting that the Fibonacci sequence does not describe a stack in the form of a pyramid but does describe a spiral. I could, however, be that Mario Fibonacci stacked those anvils for The Anvil Man and in that case it certanilly is a Fibonacci stack of Fisher anvils. -grant
  3. Good morning all Thanks Mr Powers; I wondered what Fibonacci had to do with this stack. -grant
  4. Good morning all If Tom's buster comes to market I would be interested in purching one. Who own's the rights? I read in one of Pet Seeger's memorials that he had been splitting wood by hand the week before he died. -grant
  5. Good morning all OTBS -here is Larry Zoeller's version of a bucket forge. http://www.zoellerforge.com/simplegasforge.html Might be of some help. -grant
  6. Red - I use this site for prices and usual shapes and sizes. - grant http://www.onlinemetals.com/index.cfm
  7. Good morning all MM - how did this gate project work out? Are there build and final hung pictures you would be willing to share? -tks grant
  8. Good morning all kraythe -Setting aside the question of the use of soft insulation brick as a forge body you might find Larry's site helpful. http://zoellerforge.com/firebrickforge2.html -grant
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