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  1. Louie375

    Hello from Woodland, California!

    Thanks so much for the welcome! I am so excited to start a build. I am definitely going with a JABOD design, will figure out the fuel source next. Can't wait to experiment.
  2. Hey there, My name is Louis, I go by Lou or Louie. Thank you for allowing me to join the forums to read and learn! I don't know anything about blacksmithing. There is something primal about heating steel to orange/red hot, hammering it, and turning it into something else. Just following the gut, it lead me here. I'm wanting to build a small forge, most likely solid fuel, for my backyard. I've been reading about the 55 and the JABOD, those seem like good places to start. Going to keep reading to make sure I do everything safely. Thanks again!! -Lou