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  1. David Roeder

    Drop point hunter

    4 3/8" Forged 5160 drop point utility hunter. Heat colored 304 Stainless guard, stabilized Birdseye Maple handle. It's home is Toronto Canada.
  2. David Roeder

    Cowboy Bowie

    March 24, 2014 270 layer Damascus frame handle bowie knife. 1095 15n20 composition, with a 99 layer Damascus frame. Giraffe bone handle with ion fittings. Now off to the engraver !
  3. Completed February 25, 2014 This fancy little Utility Hunter is going to a client in Homer Alaska. This fella will be put to hard use once the snow melts off soon. Blade : 5 1/2" 5160 Guard : Heat colored 304 Stainless, also collar. Handle : Stabilized Birdseye Maple O.A.L. 10 1/2"
  4. David Roeder

    Gentlemans Hunter

    Gentleman's Hunter by David Roeder. This is my first Journeyman Smith knife that I made after passing my testing. 4 1/4" 5160 blade, 416 Stainless guard, Stabilized exhibition grade Birdseye Maple handle. Heat colored file worked collar.
  5. David Roeder

    Journeyman Smith

    January 25, 2014 I passed my J.S. certification in San Antonio TX.
  6. This is the set of knives that will be presented to the American Bladesmith Society judging board in San Antonio Texas on January 25, 2014. These knives are being judged for my advancement to Journeyman Smith. Each Knife is forged from 5160 carbon steel. Handle material varies between cocobolo wood and stabilized Koa. The guards are 416 stainless steel. The knife pictured at bottom is the performance knife. It passed all testing including the 90 degree flex test and did not crack ! The handle material is Blue G-10. I began making knives in September of 1996. The gentleman responsible for getting me started along is Billy Jo Brown of Live Oak Fla. His work at the time was simply astonishing to me at the age of only 16, and to see the process of making such a tool and forging it from a coil spring was enough to set the hook. These many years later I decided to take the steps and met my requirements to be judged for Journeyman Smith by the A.B.S. The days now I look back at my younger years and my early efforts in knifemaking and just have to smile. It's been a long road leading to this, but for all the knifemkers that I have met and the interesting projects I've done I must say that I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you Billy Jo Brown for setting the hook, Joel Stuart for his advise and help in my beginnings, he will be missed ! Randy Spanjer, John Davis, Gary House, Ed Schempp, and especially Tommy Morris for your friendship over the years.
  7. 208 Layer random ladder pattern Damascus fighter. Damascus blade, guard, collar, and an inlay butt plate. Handle material is dyed and stabilized white tail deer antler. Blade : 208 Layer random Ladder pattern Damascus. 1095 & 15n20 6 1/8" long Handle material : Dyed and stabilized Whitetail deer antler.
  8. 5 1/8" Hand Forged 5160 Blade. Stainless guard, Amboina burl handle. This was made for a local client by his wife after he asked her if he could have one made. She shot down the idea, then contacted me to have it made. She is buying it for him for Christmas. Pretty sneaky !
  9. David Roeder

    5160 Utility Hunter

    Completed 11-12-2013 This is a basic 5160 carbon steel Utility Hunter that was made for a local client. Handle material is Cocobolo wood. Blade measures at 4 1/4"
  10. This is a recent piece for a international client. This knife was made and sent to a client in N.E. Ireland. The blade is 5160, and the handle material is stabilized Bog Oak. The client and I using Skype were able to talk face to face so to speak, and he was able to watch the entire making of his knife. What a wonderful bit of technology when two people from so far away can talk face to face.
  11. David Roeder

    Bog Oak Knife

    This is a 4 5/8" forged 5160 blade knife for a client in N.E. Ireland. The handle material is 4000-6000 Irish Bog Oak.
  12. October 19, 2013 Here is the final set of 5 knives for my Journeyman Smith Test. Each blade is forged from 5160 carbon steel. 416 Stainless guards, and cocobolo wood handles. I chose to use the same material for the knives because they were all being made for the same purpose. These knives end a very long time period for me. At this point in my life I am 33 years old. I have been making knives now for 17 years. I was taught knife making originally by a knife maker in Live Oak Fla. by the name of Billy Jo Brown. He helped me spark the interest in making knives by forging and working the steel to create such wonderful pieces. I am forever grateful to B.J. for taking the time with me so many years ago.
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