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    Around the work

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    From the album: Around the work

    Peat Oberon lecturing.
  3. Jan


    From the album: Around the work

  4. Jan


    From the album: Around the work

    Lucky winner and his piece(Brtnice 2005,Best Apprentice)
  5. Jan


    From the album: Around the work

    Smrke's piece in the gas forge.
  6. Jan

    Smrke on it.

    From the album: Around the work

    Smrke on it.Powerhammer is Russian MA80.
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  8. Jan


    From the album: Anvils

  9. Jan


    From the album: Anvils

  10. Send more pics of that machine while in operation when you are ready.Can't wait to see them,Mick.
  11. Best explanation for sword doodling newbies,what I've EVER read is there: anvilfire Armoury - The Swords and Helm page
  12. Quote,,They are moving production from Chzeck to USA,,quote. First thing first-it is CZECH for starters.Secondly,they are NOT moving to US,check on original page : Pr
  13. Jan


    From the album: Anvils

  14. Jan


    From the album: Anvils

  15. I have found another site,where you folks can download some metalworkingtinsmithing books. The Sheet Metal Shop .Com Enjoy;)
  16. Ye, got it just a few days later,after this post.Anyway,there ARE some books you CANNOT download,such as Armour&Weapons of Charles Ffoulkes.... :)
  17. Neat setup, what about riveting them rings too?Originally it was done in the past,'cos when that maille is bigger and heavier,it has tendency to rip apart by its weight.Or split open during wearing.
  18. There is certain percentage of people,allergic to ingredients(nickel) included in some s.steels.A few weeks ago I've got this reaction while putting my bare feet on galvanized bar stool(!).Sweat dissolved minimal amount of it and poor me had sore blisters for over 1 week...You never know,what's gonna itch you 'till is too late.Anyway,if is it ,,common" (understand ,,cheap")sheet metal,used for sinks and other stuff,it SHOULD be OK.
  19. If I can add just a bit-for me worked adding piece of soft steel(or even iron,if available) between them two pieces(to somehow mimick soldering).It works sometimes better and one doesn't need to upset ends.Handy especially when making plenty of rings.
  20. Dale, good to hear of you.Last nite I have watched Oz movie ,,The Ten Canoes";I've contemplated about lot of things,hoping you are all well,prayin' for rain...
  21. Sorry for responding so late,Glenn-none of these pics are mine.I was competing in this show for last time in '97.And I have also no idea who are authors of these works.Just stumbled upon them on our local browser,that's it.
  22. Jan

    1st try

    It should do the job-it's Japanese steel after all....;)
  23. Jan


    If you gonna make hollow or semi hollow disc pommel,then fitting the stone can be much easier.In the past pommels with cavities were sort of reliquaries,with piece of shroud or wood behind stone,mostly crystal.This was the ,,A" side of weapon,more visible to onlookers.How to make such pommel is story longer than any thread,so get your hands on books of late genius Ewart Oakeshott,good luck.
  24. Jan

    texted steel

    Etching & engraving weren't only methods used in history.You can also inlay letters-there were various metals for this method:iron,pewter,gold,latten.Check on the Ulfhberth's and Ingerlii's swords-http://www.vikingsword.com/ Btw,I have had forged sword blade in my hands for the 1st time around '84,I was apprentice at that time and very impressed.Anyway,it took me more than 10 years of everyday practice before I was ready to make one the proper way and even today I'm not completely sure,if I do it right...
  25. Hi, this site may give you some insight into swage blocks-read what is written under each picture of interest. Swage Block
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