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    Monticello Minnesota
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    I do metal art and repair in my garge I enjoy every much/and going to cmb meetings
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    make things
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    metal artist and weling repair
  1. stevereishus

    Candle Holder

    that is a really nice canddle holder
  2. :I live in Monticello Mn looking for a outdoor forge size about 2 x 2 or little bigger in good working condition. Don't want to drive overstate to get one if any on in Minnesoata has one I be interested in looking at it thank you
  3. Want to thank everyone I finelly got balls made and they turn out nice sorry I don't have pitures to show you
  4. I wish my printer was working so I can print all this information out so I can pin it up in my garge
  5. thank John that helps out great, I was trying to make it into one peice I will do that way to make it easier. Unfourtently I don't have a power hamer But I like the way explain how to do it thank you
  6. I am have a little trouble making a round ball like a ball bearing in the square stock. I want make to of them in the bar. I want to add a new look to the canddle hoddlers that I make, Please help
  7. Jeremy that helps out alot. Now I got better understanding. thank you for explainin it.
  8. one reason I reuse cling I smash into small peices and reuse it. Because it burns it up at the same time. It been saving me alot of coke alot. I guss you can you can call it recycleing
  9. I hope these are better piture that you can see. this is best I can do
  10. thats the best I can do with my phone sorry
  11. just got done with this project made two of them
  12. When is the next CMB meeting and where is at
  13. I think I have to rent a torch the Mapp is just not working out. I see how much a torch is at rental place tommorow
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