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"Big George #1" anvil

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A local fellow has a Big George #1 anvil for sale for $100. It is in excellent condition. Does anyone here know anything about Big George anvils? Location and time period of manufacture? Quality? Is this a good price?

Thanks X

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Never heard of "Big George" anvil. Tried to Google but found no info. dead end here, sorry. Does it ring? Does it rebound when tapped? does it have any hammer dings? 2 yeses and a no and I say its worth the price. That will be 2 cents please:)

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It's currently setting on the ground chained to a tree in his front yard. Only has a couple rather minor dings. Will it ring setting on the ground or should I set it on something before testing it? I'll try to take some pictures when the sun comes up.

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Checking out an anvil should include but not be limited to:

Visual inspection for condition, manufacturer, etc.

Determine the weight if not marked. An estimation using 0.28lbs. per cu/in. tape measure and calculator will take time but if you forgot the scale will work for an approximation.

Bearing or hammer test for rebound.

Touch with new file to determine if it's too hard. (Skating file = too hard = chipping hazard)

Pass or fail on any or all isn't necessarily a deal killer. Just doing them will let the seller know you have a clue and give you some leverage dickering.

Last factor is final price. Don't be afraid to make a counter offer!


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