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  1. Wayne, i''ll have to work some stuff out , but i would love to take a day out and visit your forge in the next few weeks.
  2. Currently I'm in NE Ga. 'bout 4 hrs from you, Wayne Oh, and feel free to tear my design to shreds! I'm no Snowflake. The whole reason I'm here is to learn, and that works best if you have mentors willing to tell you where you're going wrong, I'm not trying to repaint the shop walls with my charred remains. Currently making my way through Mikes book. Took his advice from 101 and downloaded it from The Design I made was based purely off what images I have seen online, with absolutely no Idea of the size/shapes that are required to A: Work, Period, and B: Work efficiently. I use Blender as a Graphic Designer and was playing with shapes; when I do know more about the process I'll more than likely, again, render it in Blender before I build it.
  3. Hi all, New to the forums and to smithing. I see a lot of good info here, so I wanted to ask the question. To build or to buy? I've seen a lot of forges online priced $350 and up, that's a big pill for a newbie like me, so I was wondering if it'd be cheaper/smarter to build. I need everything for anvils to hammers and would like to be as economical as possible. So i did some googling, found this site, bummed around Amazon and eBay, and I noticed that buying the materials plus shipping as about the same if not more than buying a pre-made forge. Now, all I looked for was sheet metal, Fire brick (3k degree), KaoWool, and rigidizer. No itc-100, and I figure I can make some Sodium Silicate Glue. The big questions I have are: Can the Perlite-n-Playsand DIY bricks hold up to the heat as well as the Factory made? Is there a DIY KaoWool equivalent? Is the ITC necessary on the forge walls/Ceiling? I have a supply/warehouse within 15 miles of home so sheet metal and Stock shouldn't be an issue. I have drafted a forge design from some pics I have seen around, I also have several tanks around the house (Propane, air tanks, Grills) that I could chop up If my design isn't feasible, seeing as I built it around what I found on eBay for what looked like cheaper than average prices.The bricks I found are keyed so one would need cut in half to square the ends for the forge floor. The inner cavity of my design seems to come out to: 9.5"W x 3"H x 17"L Pics ahoy and thanks for the help in advance! Cut Key Brick Layout.bmp