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  1. just added a block to my collection. cant see a maker? anyone have an idea? 120lbs.
  2. My backyard forge up and running. First project was to modify my tongs. Everything worked out pretty good.
  3. Sprayed the pan with high temp paint for rust prevention then clay for insulating from the heat. Figured it can't hurt and may save the cast iron from cracking. Plus got me a nice little clay bowl to hold the fire together.
  4. Small amount of shrinkage but turned out pretty good!
  5. Been busy on the tractor but cut a belt sewn it on, dug some clay from my secret spot and just packed it in. Just need to finish off the handle and build a fire.
  6. Could one of you experts maybe date this thing? Be cool to know how old this piece of solid wrought is.
  7. Blower mounted ready for a new belt.
  8. Coal. Blower back together.
  9. Welded me on a new tab and repaired the broken tab on the blower. Bout ready to go all back together and build a fire.
  10. Shortened the handle up a bit, everything spins very well, I think it will be a very nice little forge when I'm done fixing. Just need to find some time to go back together. Got my new tuyere, so just need to braze the broken piece, go back together and build a fire.
  11. Here is my Gpaws anvil, good, bad, or will work? Heavy 150lbs
  12. I still have the old grate but ordered a new one from here. Centaur Forge Hope it gets here soon I need to put this thing together and build a fire.
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