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  1. hey this is Scott give me a ring would like to talk to you about smithing. You called me once but the number you left does not work so try again,
  2. Hey Mesquite0 give another ring your number you left goes to someone else. I have been working alot so have not been able to fire up the forge in a while but that has not changed my passion for the art.
  3. I have more gears and bearings then I could ever use (over 2000 pounds) so if there is anyone ever in southern oregon they are welcome to as much as they can haul I also have a large supply of clean 356 cast aluminum borings and red and yellow brass borings great for casting.
  4. I am a very well compensated cnc programer and have been rebuilding transmissions on the side for three years hence all the cap ( nearly 250 trannys built ) so it's time for me to do something for myself. I like projects that take time and that I can be really proud of things that you can not, buy but see in pictures At my point in life money is not my problem knowledge is what I need and crave
  5. Thanks for the compliment. I have a tendency to over build and over think most all of my projects
  6. Frosty I see your name on here quite a bit so I value your criticism. all four sides are adjustable independently or can be removed all together. the burner in the picture is running at 5 psi and is completely stable it starts to flutter at about 1.75 to 2 psi but is stable from 2.3/2.5 to 8 psi and does not produce any more heat after 8 psi. I run a restricted bypass on the number 1 burner as a pilot flame and use the number 2 burner as my heat and shut it off between heats. running the pilot burner keeps flame from escaping and heating the venturi also i can turn both burners on and holy hell! also the venturi's are turned units that i made on the lathe that are also fully adjustable for air restriction and I use miller welding tips as gas jets. all gas lines are stainless compression lines.
  7. hows that? and by the way all 4 sides of the are independently adjustable up and down and I can get steel to the point that it starts to spark. the flame is completely stable
  8. this is the very first project I have ever struck with a hammer and also the forge that I built my self the burners were turned on the lathe and the venturei completely adjustable.I use miller welding tips for gas nozzles and stainless steel sch 40 bell for the fire nozzle. the flame is running 5 psi out of a 100lbs tank xxxxxxxxx non open links removed
  9. Thanks for all the feed back I will keep looking and make some more phone calls . I have the itch that will not go away and I think its here to stay. so I guess I will just have to make it part of my life. my problem are time and space and getting a handle on the basics. If i can get ahead on one of these, the rest will fallow. I have read several books and watched oodles of youtube videos, but nothing compares to hands on with a smith who has time in the fire. I do not want to waste someones time but I am a very fast learn, and very motivated to learn as much as I can about the magic that happens in the fire. I am not looking for a profession or even a hobby I want to create things from metal, grand things large and small. so if there is a some one around the rogue valley give me a ring any time my number is 541-821-2992 thanks Scott
  10. Thank you for the reception Charles, I guess there is not very many blacksmiths in southern oregon.
  11. Hi my name is Scott I live and work in the southern Oregon Rogue Valley area. I have worked metal all of my life, I am a CNC programer running 5 haas CNC mills and lathes. I am also a accomplished welder in MIG, TIG, arc, and oxy/accetyline. I have always wanted to learn the art of blacksmithing as a stress relief from the daily precision metal work . I have most all the tools to set up a small smithy 3 good size anvils, 2 large post vises,20 or so hammers and tongs, and have also built my own gas forge. I am looking for some one in the area that shares the blacksmithing bug as I do, and prefer some one with good experience to give me direction so I do not pick up bad habits.
  12. Thank you for your feed back. I am very new to this blacksmithing thing "2 months" and having a blast. I am used to running a cnc machine shop and building transmissions on the side, I find this to be very soothing to the mind after dealing tolerances of +/-.001 all day long. I can come home and take a hammer and pound a chunk of steel.
  13. Hi this is my first time posting anything on any forum so if i am in the wrong place please tell me . I have an almost unlimited supply of jis g 4805 suj 2 high carbon steel from bearing races that come from transmissions that i rebuild, free to me or they just go to the scrap yard . the question is has anyone used or have knowledge if the metal would be good for one damascus, or inset in axe heads for cutting edge?
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