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  1. I got a post vise in a pile of stuff from a secondhand store for $50 and don't know anything about it. It has a 50 on the jaw.
  2. Yes I annealed it on sand and quenched it in water.
  3. What is beginner level material?
  4. It's about 2.5" deep and it's lump not briquettes.
  5. I used a drill bit and a rat tail file. I got it pretty hot, like almost yellow heat and I cooled it in sand and water. Should I have annealed it again?
  6. I couldn't get a brake drum but I could get a rotor, so I bought a piece of metal to weld in. I welded it all the way around and drilled six holes for the blower, which is a bathroom fan. I cut a hole in a 55 gallon drum and dropped the whole assembly in. The problem with this is that in Yakima Washington finding coal is hard, so I used lump charcoal. It will get a rr spike dull red but I can't get anything hotter. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I just started and don't understand. I get to where I'm almond at done with my blade and I'm just doing dome finishing, I hit it while it's hot and it breaks in half. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Tanner

    Weird Vise

    It has this
  9. Tanner

    Weird Vise

    I just got a new vise because it looked pretty cool. I don't know what it is and was wondering if anybody does.
  10. I killed my first buck with a Winchester 70 in .243 a couple of years back. It's an awesome rifle.
  11. I'm just starting out and I was wondering if anybody lived around where I do.
  12. I ended up buying the one burner knifemaker forge from diamondback ironworks. It should be here sometime next week.
  13. Or should I use a wire disk in an angle grinder?
  14. Would taking a flap disk to the face ruin it? By the way I brushed the side off and it is a Trenton.
  15. I just started and found an old anvil at my grandpa's house. The only problem is that it isn't in the best shape. How would I fix the corners? Also do you guys have any recommendations on a reasonably priced propane forge? I don't really want to make one even though I can weld.
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