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  1. hi AML do you have more information about where your vise come from? I look on internet for Endurance company and didn't find stuff... I also found a vise with a SMART bolted plate installed on that vise thanks a lot Jeremy
  2. Thanks a lot for the informations when looking closer with that names in mind, that make sens, it’s clearly Henry Rogers son thanks again
  3. Hi! Does anyone can help me to identify that anvil? That’s an English made anvil as per shape and weight stamp. It’s look to be write on it: wolverhamp Henry.... ita ta have a rebond of 80% minimum thanks for help!
  4. Ok I will measure My dies for you this weekend. By the way On of my Family names is Pelletier  From Trois pistoles 

  5. Hi guys it is possible to get informations about the dies size you have on you champion forge #0 ? also, if you have PDF or picture to share, my email adress jeremy_pell@hotmail.com i just bought a champion #0 and want to find lot of info and spec on that machine thanks a lots!
  6. That a really good idea, I have a mechanical school in my town with CNC machine, maybe they could help me. will keep you in touch. i will send you picture this week, the machine is store into the warehouse where i work Also, did you made drawing of the die, will save me time to make mine
  7. Hi i recently bought a champion power hammer #0 i would like to get some informations or book about that tools. also, does anyone have contact or supplier for new die going on a champion forge hammer? my set of die look to be modified and I would like to put bigger die on. thanks jeremy
  8. Hi Everybody I'm looking to make this air hammer, does anybody else have contact information for Paul Branch and where I can get plans? Thanks
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