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  1. These are awesome. They would go down really well with younger customers Joe
  2. This page has a fair bit of info on how to find a used anvil, might be helpful to you Link removed at the request of Anvilfire. Joe
  3. It sounds as if your thinking in the right direction. What your thinking of is what the majority of smiths in the ancient world would have used as you noted with the Vikings. The modern style London pattern anvil has only been around recently in the scheme of things. You only need to make sure you get hard steel as if it is to soft it can begin to dish. In not that experienced so if I'm wrong hopefully someone with more Experiance can correct me. Joe
  4. I like the way you position your vises. It's a clever usage of space Joe
  5. I can't give you an answer sorry, I'm very inexperienced so hopefully some else can. Just wanted to thank you for sharing an awesome old video. It's great to see how it was do, and probably still done in a Very similar manner. Cheers
  6. Might throw my name to the long list, Joe Davidson, Goolwa, SA were the mighty murray meets the sea Just starting as a hobby at the moment
  7. These are awesome, great job Very versatile
  8. That's cleared it up, thanks. it looks like am great idea, I think that I might use the idea for my next forge, aswell as a fire pot and more room and a better air source :) Thanks again Joe
  9. That sounds interesting rockstar, still trying to get my head around it. Is there any chance of a diagram, if not does, the water pipe enter the fire pot sideways or through the middle of the air inlet? Thanks Joe
  10. That looks really great, thanks for sharing it
  11. Thanks for all the great replys. Yesterday I put together a small forge with no fire pot, and I think I will use it just to start learn the basics and save up for a fire pot. Then I'll try making a better forge with a fire pot and a larger area to work in to. To frosty, I live in South Australia. So a fair way away from most you :)
  12. Yeah I like the look of the "55" simple but effective. I think I might go for something similar. Thanks for the help Joe
  13. Okay, thanks for all the great advice. I'm fairly remote were I am with the nearest blacksmith guild interstate. But I do know one smith that I will go and check out his set up in depth. I might try and build a few different types over coming years depending on what I can get my hands on to try and find a setup that works for me. Thanks again for all the advice
  14. Okay thanks, I'm hoping to make it bottom blast and hand powered. The overall size is going to be quiet small, probably half a metre to a metre square. Most likely charcoal or coal fuel. In the end it is very flexible, as still in the planing stages. I will keep checking out different ideas, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Joe
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