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I Forge Iron

would this work?

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OK I am in my early teens, not rich, and I want to get forging.
So that brings me to my question about anvils, could I take a thicker piece of steel weighing like 30 pounds, nail it to a big tree stump and wouldn't that take the beating and a secure connection between the stump and steel should make their weight like one.

Let me know if you think this is possible!

THX in advance!

BTW didn't the vikings use a square of steel with a nail shank on one side in a tree stump as a travel anvil?

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It sounds as if your thinking in the right direction.
What your thinking of is what the majority of smiths in the ancient world would have used as you noted with the Vikings.
The modern style London pattern anvil has only been around recently in the scheme of things.
You only need to make sure you get hard steel as if it is to soft it can begin to dish.

In not that experienced so if I'm wrong hopefully someone with more Experiance can correct me.


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Yeah. The connection of the metal to wood will keep the plate from jumping around.You can pound on anything hard, heck rocks were and still are used in many parts of the world. If you are pounding hot metal, soft steel will work for a while until something better comes along. Much is made of using anvil because of the hardness and rebound of the surface plate but you have to go with what you have. you might also try to find a piece of railroad track at a local scrap yard. I used one for many years.

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The more metal directly beneath the hammer the better so a 2" thick piece is better than a 1" thick piece. Cubes are better than plates, etc.

A chunk of steel from a piece of heavy machinery can work very well, check for a bulldozer or crane repair facility and see if they will sell you a piece for scrap rate---I once used the broken knuckle off a RR car coupler---weighted about 80 pounds and had a flat surface and a curved surface and did very well!

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