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  1. viking axe class

    What size stock did you start with? that's really cool. I have taken a tomahawk class at John C Campbell Folk School. Wrapped & welded bit. Great class. I would like to try that. I like the extra meat in the back.
  2. Where do you put your Propane tank?

    Yes no different than a gas grill.
  3. Where do you put your Propane tank?

    on the cart about 2 feet below with shelves between. Works quite well. It's not top heavy at all. Maybe I can get better pic tonight.
  4. Where do you put your Propane tank?

    I made a cart out of an old projector stand from school. Forge sits about chest high with a shelf just below for tools. The bottom shelf will hold 2 bottles in tandem. I can roll it anywhere in the shop or outside if needed. Works really well.
  5. Newest Tomahawk

    Looks great. . . What's the diameter of the axle?
  6. Put your touchmark on it and it will be a matched set!
  7. Make an anvil.

    No. Small town called Elberton, GA.
  8. Make an anvil.

    That's exactly what my first "anvil" was! Granite is quarried all around this area known as the "Granite Capital of the World." Tongs were channel locks. Made a poker out of rebar. sure was ugly! still have it and use it.