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  1. Hi all, I have got to give demonstrations to children from the ages of five to ten on Monday. I will have them for half hour slots. Any ideas on simple things to make ? Never given or watched a public demo before so all help/ideas welcome. Cheers, Matthew
  2. Yep had to grind off the galv around where I wanted to weld, you have to get it all off.
  3. Ta Grant ! Yes each one was separate, had to tack on a bar to the top for the galv to strengthen them a bit. love your description
  4. Thanks Dan, I agree the weld does distract a little from the overall effect however I felt I needed a good solid weld for every upright. Perhaps I should have v'd the components out a little for a less intrusive look ? That said when you're stood infront of them it doesn't jump out too much. I had originaly wanted to have no cross piece and just resin everyone into the stone by way of a pin but the client felt it needed more solidity.
  5. Thanks Alphonso ! Heres how they turned outLet me know what you all think. Cheers !
  6. OK Guys, Thanks for the suggestions, It was too late to go for stainless as I'd already made half of it, next time I might give that a go though, the stand Alphonso made looks just the finish I was after. What i did was had it galvanised, primed it with red oxide then mixwed black satin finish exterior paint with graphite powder I bought on ebay ( £8 for 500gramms) about a heaped tablespoon to half a litre, thinned it down with about 10% celulose thinners. While the paint is still tacky but looks dry I brushed the surface with a waxing brush on the end of a drill and can't beleive how good it looks I'll post some pics later in the week, it's really close to polished steel in good light, in dim light less so, looks a bit grey but still good, clients very happy with it and fitting it tomorow. Thankyou all, Matthew
  7. Hello all, I am currently making a palisade type railing which has a distressed hammerd texture. Having shown the client a sample that I had wire brushed he would like a finish close to that. It rains a lot here in Blighty so they need to be painted or galvanised or both. I'm worried that the galve will hide the finner details of the texture such as the pitting caused by the fire and the more subtle hammer marks. I have heard you can mix graphite powder in with the paint but I'm unsure of the quantaties. Any thoughts on this are more than welcome
  8. Found this at a local scrapyard, a snip at £100 ! very happy with it
  9. Ok , thanks guys will look into second hand ones and consumables, Cheers !
  10. Hello all, I need a plasma cutter for a job I have coming up ( 200 shapes cut out of thin sheet, 1.3 to 3 mm ) Ive been looking on the web and found RTech welding. They have an inverter for a really resonable price £410 that claims a clean cut up to 8mm. As they are quite a bit below other makes price wise I was wondering if anyone had used one and were they any good. Should I lay out more cash , I I'd probably get a fair bit of use from it but moneys a bit tight ?????
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