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  1. I had similar concerns to you having installed double wall for wood burners on several occasions but found that what Dan says above has been exactly the case for me. I used 10 inch single wall which penetrates a steel corrugated (lacquer finish) sheet roof, the top of the hood touches the roof but the pipe goes through with 2 inch clearance all round. I then sealed with one of these: Now after using it for some time the flue really only gets hot enough to warm your hands (touching) on and I realise that I could of used the low temperature version of the flashing!!! If your in an outbuilding I would of thought that like me, the biggest issue is what you roof is made of - sorry if I missed it but you don't mention in your post. Do you have a ceiling as such to be concerned with?
  2. Radio Punch bag - my sons but I use it (more NOW due to number 4) Dart board Fridge - unused as I'm now on the wagon...and hating every minute of it Arrrrhhhhhh
  3. Same here. Also, its the best 'penetrating oil' that exists - I have never used a commercial brand that works as well. Has saved me countless broken bolts and fixings, not to mention time and money over the years
  4. Thought you might like these. Taken at a medieval re-enactment in France 18 months ago. This guy was making small items and knives using a bellows operated charcoal burning dragons head forge, the bellows were incorporated into its body. Pictures don't really do it justice - it might not be any use for bigger stuff but it was the best looking forge I have seen. Enjoy. Guy
  5. Agreed on that one. It all changes at that point unless you are very lucky. I have constant elbow pain and locking finger joints, not caused by blacksmithing as such but most physical work now makes it worse. Visits to the docs are generally a waste of time as 'pills do not sort all ills', rest helps but if one wants/needs to keep using the joints in the same way then learn to live with it.
  6. Your clearly on the ball Mike, Chapeau! I will retire to my workshop and keep one eye on the small ad's. If you see a tyro come up for reasonable money in Brittany, please shout. Happy new year / Bonne Année Guy
  7. Sadly the vendor had sold it but not removed the ad... it's still on there last time I looked! I thought initially that it was a home brew job, but having studied that picture I suspect it was actually a Le Tyro - French make (first came out in 1950's) with the side panels removed. The motor config, hammer mech, size and layout led me to that conclusion. All up the machine only weighs 400kg so I suspect the construction would look a little DIY or flimsy without the side panels. Like many of us I am on a tight budget, there's only so much cash to be spent on my hobby so I think I will carry on looking for a Tyro but a cheap one I can bring back up to scratch. Couple of interesting units came onto that site recently but their too big and too rich for my blood - good to see they are being sold on though rather than going to scrap. Love this 30kg Champion (second picture) hope some one buys it.
  8. Thanks guys, thats what I was thinking. Good to get a confirmation. Also found this complete setup on the same site, not for me as I am already setup but the hammer looks superb (middle photo). Wonder if he would split... Second thoughts I'll use it as the "bait and switch" with my wife for the first one.
  9. Hi Folks, I'm a brit living in France and blacksmith as a hobby, whilst looking through the local classified I found this power hammer being advertised locally to me http://www.leboncoin...7470.htm?ca=6_s The ad only states that it is working but requires a new belt. For 200 Euros it seems like a good purchase and I think it is a commercial model. Before I go and have a look, the opinions of you guys would be very welcome, what do think? Thanks Guy