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  1. i think this brand has stumped the anvil community re its origins, thats not a bad thing I find it interesting that its limited considering the wealth of knowledge we have on IFI. With the prices that Australia has on anvils this one may well be worth $$$$$$ lol still no hurry to sell its a nice tool. keep on smithing and bring back to the uneducated how blacksmiths were pivotal in creating communities, towns and societies as a whole...respect gents respect
  2. Hello all can anyone ID this anvil maker/origin for me has the wording 'Hardware 1 1/2 raised on it. Its cast with a hardened face rings very sharp and crisp and rebounds fantastic. At a guess I would say weighs in about 160-80 pounds Thank you Bully Whoops spelt Hardware wrong its 'Hardwear' as per pic ...sorry
  3. Hi all I'm in the process of designing my new Smitty on my country block and although I have a hand cranked blower I also have a 12 volt solar power system and wondering if anyone has removed and connected up a fan system from a vehicle to use as a blower. Cant see it not working at this early stage..... variable fan speed etc so wondering if anyone has done the same and how successful they have been and /or tips on doing so or would I be wasting my time. thanks
  4. Thanks it was a lucky find the last number to the best of my eyesight is a 9 or 19 as a whole cheers how far North Qld I have a brother in Mossman (just past it) and everytime i visit i cant help but think how hard it would of been for the smiths back in the day with the humidity but hey they just had to do what they had to do
  5. Thanks to all once again a wealth of knowledge had never heard of 'Mountford & Homer' so perhaps thats what it is and looking at the picture that name does tend to appear be it faintly cheers.
  6. use to work for a scrap metal company and just could not bare to see a pick/hammer/axe/shovel etc etc etc be thrown into the incise bin to be carted of to China to be melted down so I rescued what I could which when I look around my yard I must have 500 + of the above combined. Some I resharpen polish up re handle and give away as presents ....
  7. Hi Guys and Gals firstly all the best for the new year may it be a rewarding and safe adventure. I recently purchased a London pattern anvil with the following stamps and struggling to id the origins of the maker Mount??? & Ha????? any info would be appreciated as it has me stumped and I consider myself a fairly good researcher hence why I now ask you all. cheers.
  8. Thanks was intending to have them approx a foot above fire pit.
  9. I have acquired a anvil with the word Hardware 1 1/2 written (embossed) on it. Have tried to research it and have come up with that it may be of Colombian origin very happy with it and rings like a bell any info greatly appreciated. cheers.
  10. Hi aqquired these bellows and wish to mount them in a large shed not roof mounted but waist height, have a fair idea on how i will do it but very little in the way of diagrams and more to the point the weights location if required to control air flow. any diagrams or advice appreciated thanks
  11. Hi all, have not been on for a long time so hope all are well, this topic may and probably has been explained before but can anyone explain to me the actual difference and process it takes to get coke from coal.. My understanding is coke is refined coal. But how do they refine it Thankyou
  12. Great work something you are no doubt proud off and so you should be cheers ps now looking at my yabbies in my fish (yabbie) tank in the lounge room mmmmm wonder if I could do that,,,thanks
  13. Fantastic work would love to see it in the flesh
  14. Scrapartoz I have just viewed your works and you are the 'king'. I have been dabling in creating works from scrap metal for some time and have sold some, given some away, and have been told I am good at it, but you my friend are awsome ( I just got my wife off the couch to show her your works as she knows how much time I spend out the back and she now realises the time spent and size of my works are minor in comparrision to yours.) I drool at the rust coloured 'gold' you have lying around and could only dream about walking out my back door and into my workshop to create. Fantastic keep it up. Cheers Bully
  15. This site is all about sharing and caring and helping other smiths etc but the humour at times is also welcome and and I must say ANVILFLOWER I am still laughing at your reply post ie Not an essential part... as long as you don't plan on using it as a vise. LOL cheers