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  1. rory, Long time lurker and fan of your work. are you using the pipe stand in the video for both support and reference of where to end the transition of your scrolls? it apears to be in line with were your picket shaft should end up at. Great idea and great elements.
  2. very nice video did you drill and tap them then? why the keystone shape?
  3. i am just curious where blacksmithing came into the conversation. when you look at the rest of them on the list blacksmith just doesnt jump out at you
  4. sorry for ranting. and his boots were un-tied!
  5. hey all, no fuss on the highjack it keeps it in the newpost area. As far as not getting a paycheck tell me about it. I have had one in three years. My owner draws at the end of the year last year was like $1200 dollars but my whole life is my buisness so most of my expenses are covered and legally covered. Anyhow I have no problem paying somebody a fare wage if they can do these items and help to make the buisness money. More money an employee makes for a buisness the more they should be able to get paid. We have pretty high unemployment in my area right now but not many guys who
  6. dont know if anyone is close to me or not. Shop is located close to Mercersburg, PA 17236. Looking for the RIGHT employee Fabricator Wanted Part time with potential for full time Interested persons must- · Stick, MIG, and TIG weld · Be capable of project layout and design · Be self-motivated, willing to followinstructions, and possess a positive attitude Range of work varies from customforged ironwork to agricultural repair. Artistic abilities would be a bonus. Interested persons who meet theserequirements can submit references, resume, and samples
  7. the real question is did the driver know he lost his trailer? I would suspect that the king pin broke he heard a big bang but never looked back got to his job site and then was suprised to find out he had no trailer.
  8. I agree one hundred percent. I would love to have a right out of high school kid that wanted to learn all about welding fabrication and blacksmithing work. Problem is most of them have no motivation to learn anything outside of the computer stuff. I am only 28 and can see a huge change in the drive of kids comming out of school now as compared to when I graduated high school in 2000. **** I got 8 hours of work in while I was still in high school. 4 before school and 4 after (we have a dairy farm) Let me tell you that made you want to figure out a way that you could work a job or have a b
  9. monster do you do any drifting with your metal muncher? I am looking to add a piece of equipment with a long hydro stroke to be able to drift heavy work easily by myself. I currently have a schotchman but doesnt really have enough stroke to do the task. How about tooling as far as punches and dies can you get them readily? I can get most for my machine next day.
  10. Thought I might throw this out there for those that are interested. I was just down to Big Blu to play around for a couple days and got to put the new 65 model power hammer thru the paces. Let me preface this by telling you that I own a 155 big blu. I am very pleased with the 155 and will probably add a second one sometime in the future. Anyways, the 65 is a nice machine and would be a good option for anyone interested in having a power hammer. It does not take up much room and uses very little air. It is well built and cycles very fast. I worked with it off and on for 2 days did not
  11. sikaflex is also used when butting two concrete pads together. it is self leveling and seeps into all the little knooks and crannies. Keeps the edges from chipping up on either side of the butted concrete pads. It holds up well to human traffic, cars, some acids, and about anything. Dont get it on anything you dont want it on though if you use some because it is a PITA to get off. So long and short yes it is tough.
  12. Nice danger! That thing looks awesome. havent tried any heads forged in aluminumumum. I like the beer tap idea I just got a great christmas gift idea!
  13. hey guys so what type of steel have you found is most effective for making spring swages that would be used by hand and or under the power hammer. just wondering what some of you have used and found meets the needs and holds up long term. thanks
  14. kyboy, I have all the different sizes of the hand hammers from big blue. I enjoy using them all and they handle great. You can swing them all day long and barely feel it. They are well balanced and come with a good handle length and the heads are ready to use out of the box but you will probably want to touch them up to your personal preference. Do you use a three pound hammer now? The reason I ask is that with these hammers I find myself using the 2 lb hammer 90% of the time. You can just whip that thing and get great results working with 5/8 and below steel. Now if you wor
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